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Incompetence, crime and democrats.

July 1, 2017

As we all know, there’s a couple dozen themes that democrats routinely push on America to suit their agenda. I suppose up in the top five, you will always find ‘crime’ and ‘gun control’, pretty much in the same breathless babbling whenever there’s yet another gangsta shooting spree in a rapper night club or they’re discussing the murder rate in Chicago.

Always, always, it’s more gun control on law abiding citizens, never improving law enforcement in heavily democratic high crime zones. Always more restrictions on law abiding citizens magazine capacity, never taking murderers off the streets. Always the idea of banning ‘assault weapons’ will reduce crime in Chicago (where they are almost NEVER involved in any shootings) or any other democrat controlled big city crime rate.

At any rate, as a study of democrat crime rates, I noticed something familiar about the map that the Crime Prevention Research Center put out about how a small fraction of all counties are responsible for the majority of murders in the USA. 2% of the counties have 51% of all the murders. The top 5% account for 68% of all murders. CPRC also pointed out that murders are often highly concentrated within a given county. Citing Los Angeles County, which experienced 526 murder in 2014, CPRC showed that there were wide swaths of the county with virtually no murders. So, these areas are well known to the police and elected officials in these districts! The following map shows those hotbeds of crime and murder:

cprc map

Something very familiar with that pattern. Where have I seen that before? Oh, yeah, something about the recent elections where Hillary Clinton’s votes were concentrated, like in this map:


What a coincidence! (They seem to have left Alaska off the crime map, probably because there’s not enough crime in Alaska to qualify) But isn’t it curious how the two maps would overlay each other almost perfectly?

Here, I’ll put the maps side by side to more easily see this

2016_Presidential_Election_by_Countycprc map

The democrats relentless assault on our rights to self defense has done nothing at all to alleviate the crime rates in their voter strongholds. In fact, in Chicago, despite the SCOTUS slapping the crap out of their unconstitutional restrictions on law abiding citizens right to carry concealed, it’s still near impossible for the average Joe to get a gun permit for self defense in these ‘war zones’ of crime and violence.

One of our favorite democrats, ‘mad’ Maxine Waters’ district is about 50% gang turf:


Now, that’s a district to be proud of, right? “Serving” the 43rd district since 1991 (proving again why we need term limits) she has earned many distinctions including the most corrupt member of congress! During her dedicated service to the citizens of her district, her net worth has climbed to a humble $5,000,000+ on her meager congressional salary.

She’s just a typical democrat example and sadly many republicans are equally corrupt, such as McCain, for instance. We sure do need term limits, which is why the Convention of States effort is so important. 

Again, these high crime areas have been known of by the politicians at the city, state and national levels, patrolled by police for generations and still not much ever gets done. Why?


Crime Prevention Research Center

Yale Research

Boston Crime

Research Shows Murders are Heavily Concentrated in Small Fraction of Counties

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