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Improvised weapons

June 22, 2017

This is for all my pals in the UK and my friend Graham A. from years ago in DeKalb County, GA, USA.

From my book Surviving Urban Crisis let me present to you one of several home made improvised weapons that would be useful in an environment where the citizens have allowed themselves to be stripped naked of self defense guns (and most anything else useful for self defense) and are now faced with hordes of radical, hateful muzlim terrorists attacking women, old people and public places. As long as they don’t have guns, items like this in your possession, in the hands of a rather pissed Britain, may do surprisingly well in a self-defense situation.

The legality of possession is totally on YOU to research (or risk) for your location.

Improvised weapons:

First let’s define what we’re discussing here, and perhaps to prod your imagination as to what may be utilized as a ‘weapon’.

Home Made Kubotan Striking Stick
Check for legality of possession in your area.

Compliance with local law is your problem.
This can be fabricated from just about any kind of study, round stock like a ¾” diameter by 6” long bit of wooden broom handle, or dowel, plastic / nylon rod stock or aluminum rod. Use your imagination. Basically, you take your 6” long stick and round off the ends at about a 45 degree angle, tapering the end down to a blunt ‘point’ about 1/16” to ¼” diameter. You don’t need a sharp point on either end. Now put 3 or 4 grooves around the shaft at even intervals to have some ‘grip’ on the stick. Done!

Now you have a rather formidable striking type defensive item, made from a bit of scrap. Or you can buy a fancy one with a key ring on the end. You could also drill yours for a key ring. The keys can then be an extension of the weapon, like a small mace. Very effective across the face of an attacker, muzlim or not. I wouldn’t put the bulky plastic remote car door key button on this item, because smashing it upside the head of an attacker may destroy the thing.


Like any other defensive item, from bare hands to bazookas, you should get training on proper use of the item.

Hits to various places on the body or head of an attacker can be fatal with this weapon, so it’s not to be used to settle up with an annoyed patron in the pub after a couple pints.

If you have decent sized pockets in your pants, this will tuck away nicely. Same with a lady’s purse, just put it where you can grab it out FAST, without having to rummage all through it. This would also help you find your keys more quickly, when you’re not having to defend yourself against a muzlim with the idea of raping you.

More than anything else, dear friends, is to stay alert, do NOT zombie out in your smart phone while in public, be it walking, on the train, bus, whatever. One quick text, maybe. A twenty minute text ‘conversation’? That can wait. Isolating yourself with an electronic device in today’s muzlim terrorist environment is NOT a good idea. Be aware. Look around. Stay alive. If you’re fit and knowledgeable enough, come to the aid of others should a situation develop.

How to videos on Making 60 lb bow

Three man teams in a survival scenario:

Making a ‘Toma-chete’ from scrap metal.

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