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Trump won – – I’m still prepping!

August 5, 2017

We’re now in the eighth month of the Trump administration. According to the media, this man is the worst, most corrupt liar and incompetent ever to steal an election! Reality begs to differ, as the stock market continues to soar at an astounding rate, unemployment is at record lows, and when President Trump gets out among his people, the packed stadiums full of cheering supporters belies the media campaign against him.

The media hates President Trump with a vitriol I’ve never seen in 50 years of voting. The ‘deep state’ is determined to displace him with whatever fabrication, slander, innuendo, or man from Mars theory they can imagine. See, Hillary Clinton was supposed to win this thing. It was planned that way. 0bama knew of this ‘Russian interference’ that was supposed to be going on. Didn’t do anything about it, because Hillary was supposed to win. The Democrat National Committee colluded with the media to weed the overly large herd of republicans down to one candidate that Hillary could surely beat….Donald Trump. They trashed and slandered all other ‘professional’ politicians relentlessly while propping up Trump with a billion dollars of free publicity, because they knew Hillary could beat this clown, this nobody business guy. So Trump wins the nomination! No surprise, they planned it that way. Now the media tide turns the other way, and trashes Trump 100% of the coverage, while Hillary can do no wrong. (Which is several books worth of wrong, but maybe another time). No ID states are worked heavily with the usual busloads of ‘voters’ trundled around to every district. Motor voter states like CA and OR with NO ID to vote. Currently, prospective voters in Oregon are asked on the registration form if they’re U.S. citizens, but don’t have to provide any tangible proof. The media remains gleefully confident that Clinton will handily beat this nobody, Trump. America looks at the choice of the most utterly corrupt, vile and evil thing on two legs the democrats have put up as candidate or the maverick businessman who used to support the Clintons in the past (for business advantage purposes, like thousands of other businessmen). America chooses Donald Trump. The media implodes. Wailing in the streets by liberal democrats. (That was fun to watch!)

hair on fireNOOOOOOOO!

I’ve posted on another page the maps that show the connections of the democrat voter fraud machine, democrat cities deep in poverty and crime, the interesting correlation of these areas always voting democrat vs. the outcome of the election. See it here.

President Trump has been under attack from the moment he took his hand off the Bible the day he was sworn in. No other presidency has had the amount of ‘leakers’ (one every single day, since day one), no other president has had the utter hate of the media to this extent, no other president has been “under investigation” to this extent and at the same time has accomplished more to motivate the economy of the United States than any other president. The democrat witch hunt, stocked 100% with 0bama leftovers and Clinton donors, continues and will continue until ‘something’ is found in an attempt to unseat this president. Should this pack of dogs actually find something in Trump’s previous life as an international real estate businessman worthy of accomplishing this goal, I’m thinking there will be somewhere around 62,000,000 really pissed off supporters who know this to be a sham, this  plot to usurp the will of the people and the electoral college who put Trump in the White House as these obvious clowns try and take him out of office. I would not be even slightly surprised to see the people rise up and get into basically the second American civil war to purge this nation of the leftist, deep state corruption attempting to pull this off. For what it’s worth, there are ‘internet rumors‘ of even an assassination plot by the deep state, should the effort to unseat Trump by “legal” means fails. They are truly playing with dynamite to imagine they’ll get away with that.

Being far too old to participate in such trivia as a civil war, I just stay home and manufacture (hand load) ammunition for my personal weapons  and continue with the general prepping activities that I’ve done for years, about 100 to 150 per weekend. 0805170852I used to fear the radical muzlim scum would be the source of a major internal conflict in the USA, but I think they will not be of sufficient numbers until perhaps my grandchildren are adults and having kids of their own. Outside of several major concentrations of muzlims in the USA, the general population could easily overwhelm the muzlims. More than the muzlims, I think that the internal conflict of the USA will be this result of the deep state plotting, or perhaps the North Korean little bat-shit crazy fat man drops a nuke on the USA, maybe a combination of things, a ‘perfect storm’ of unrest by all of the above coming together at once.

I’m continuing to prep. How about you?

If you want more information on all types of survival topics in today’s crazy world, please consider my book ‘Surviving Urban Crisis’ where I cover the 4 basic topics in good detail. It’s an electronic book format with lots of live links to supporting information. You can find in on in Kindle format and in 8 different formats for less than $5US.

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