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To make a modular workbench / ammo loading bench

Welcome to another addition to the Surviving Urban Crisis Blog.

Today I’m going to lead you through how I took a commercially made, pretty decent (and kind of pricey) steel framed work bench and customized it to fit my specific needs as a mechanic, tinkerer and ammo reloader.

Like any home mechanic, or professional as I was, for that matter, I’ve tried a number of home constructed workbench projects, some that worked, some didn’t do so well. So for this version I decided to go with a commercially made unit that looked like it could do the job right out of the box. Checking around our local stores I found a suitable looking unit that was on sale at the time, which of course tilts the choice in that direction! This was the ‘Kobalt’ brand sold by Lowe’s, their Kobalt 45-in Wide x 36-in High, 3-Drawer Hardwood Work Bench, Item # 651253 Model # WB253


Lowe’s workbench link

One of the very first things I liked was the work height of 36 inches, way more comfortable for me than a typical table or whatever. The drawers have good slide mechanisms, pretty good depth and good capacity. The pegboard in back is stamped sheet metal, the top storage bin is handy, along with the fluorescent light that’s part of the package, which includes the built in power strip you see on the end, right above the tool hooks. The bottom shelf is also sheet metal supported by a perimeter frame. Once it’s all assembled, it’s quite stable.

So, on to the ‘mods’, and the reasoning behind the ideas.

First thing, I added another layer of workbench top material, that same fiberboard stuff that they used for the single layer top, because as a pro mechanic, I know how rough the treatment of the workbench top can be, so I thought doubling that up would be a good idea. Used the original top piece as a template to cut the extra layer, then glued and screwed it to the original, then fastened to the bench frame as instructed in the assembly instructions. Then a layer of free paint (sample) from the paint department to give a white-ish surface to the top to help find small parts that tend to hide in plain sight.

I discovered that the nice fluorescent light they provide shines right in my face as good as it shines on the bench top, so I ran a strip of aluminum ‘duct tape’ along the edge of the top storage bin to direct more light onto the top and less into my eyes. tape

While talking about the top bin, and the ‘pegboard’ sheet metal surface, I’ll mention that when you get several turret assemblies and other stuff in the bin, and tools hanging on the pegboard, it seems to overload the rather flimsy vertical supports that all that attaches to. So to fix that, I took 1 x 6 boards and made legs to go from the base of the top bin to the workbench top. Now, we’re rock steady and can really load up all that area. The kit comes with a pretty nice selection of pegboard hooks, shelf brackets, etc.

Now to the interchangeable device ideas. How is your vice mounted to your workbench if you have one? Permanently bolted down right? All my previous situations were just that same old permanent placement. How many times have you wished that vise wasn’t there for a project you needed lots of space on the bench top? Solution? “Tee nuts” to the rescue!

tee nut

Grabbed several bags of 1/4-20 tee nuts and a number of 2 and 3 inch long 1/4-20 screws and 1 inch diameter washers and we’re ready to go. You can of course use larger sized hardware if you feel you need it. 3/8″ seems to be the biggest the day I bought my stuff.

Now, the vice I use is a ‘lightweight’ job that doesn’t break your back to lift and carry around much, so keep that in mind if you consider this idea. Also the arbor press that shares that position is manageable. So, you just sit your device where you would like it to be and trace out the base, mark the holes on your bench top and drill through using a drill that’s just a bit bigger than the barrel of the tee nut so that would slide up into the hole you drill. Once you have all that positioned and drilled you just access underneath the work top by leaving out the top drawers (or remove them), run one of your long 1/4-20 screws with a washer on it through a drilled hole and use your handy battery operated drill / impact tool to run the tee nut up flush with the bottom of the wood surface and STOP at that point. The tee nut will stay in the wood unless it gets punched out by pounding on a screw that’s not threaded into it. Proceed to do the same for all the mounting holes in everything you intend to use on that end of the bench.

vise  press

The vise was modified with that steel plate to give me more space to do metal working, etc. The usual size surface is marked with the screws holding down the plate. With these two items off the bench, I added the holes for my ammo loading hardware so I could use both ends of the bench for that purpose at the same time. Also on this end, I just drilled a hole for and dropped into it a magnifying work lamp, for the small stuff projects.

mag lamp

On the other end of the bench, we’re usually working with some type of loading equipment most of the time. I took each item and permanently mounted it to a piece of 5/8″ plywood that was cut the same size for most of the equipment, then drilled 3 holes for the 1/4-20 mounting screws through all the boards at once so the holes are consistent, then used a mounted item sitting on the bench top to position for the tee nuts holes to be drilled and installed the tee nuts the same way as before. So, now it takes only a couple minutes to swap machines / items especially using a drill screwdriver.


Lee single stage with sizing die


Lee 3 hole turret press set for 9MM.  The sizing die is on a larger board (same bolt pattern) because I may add other items to this board later on, such as a powder measure device.


Lyman lube sizer.  The lube sizer is an older model I bought on Ebay. It leaked like a sieve out the bottom, which is why the guy sold it cheap. I fixed that with a load of epoxy all over the bottom. It’s sitting on a hot plate kind of thing to help the lube flow when in use.


Lee bottom pour lead melting pot. You can see my 1×6 support legs in the background of these four shots. If you’re curious about that contraption above the lead melting pot, it’s a free (thrown out by others) bathroom vent that just needed a bit of cleaning, with some home made clips to hold it to the rim of the top bin, attached to some scrap flexible ducting going outside. You don’t want to deal with molten lead without proper ventilation indoors, or do it outside if you don’t have ventilation. Since I’m a ‘fair weather’ loader because of humidity concerns, I cast bullets on rainy days and load ammo on nice sunny, low humidity days, so casting outside doesn’t work. Also it’s a hassle to drag out table, chair, lead pot, bullet molds, etc and sit outside and do that.

So here’s a shot of the whole thing.


One more thing, that lower sheet metal surface with all that stuff on it (at least a couple hundred pounds, for a guess) has a fifth leg added to the center underneath to hold that weight. I discovered very quickly that it was too flimsy by itself to hold much of that stuff without help. The picture may make it appear to be sagging now, but it’s actually just the wide angle lens warping the picture a bit. I’m standing in very little space to get these shots.

Here’s a few links to my reloading information. Use at your own risk as all ‘hobbies’ of this nature deal with hazardous stuff.

Reloading by the book, but…

How I do reloading 9MM ammo

Don’t Blow Up Your Glock!

Making the gas checks for your cast lead bullets.

Gas checking cast lead bullets.

Getting up to the next step in reloading.




So, the democrat socialists are going to do “emergency” act to get our guns?


Well, ain’t that just peachy? Nutty Nancy Pelosi, several of the nutcase newbie congressmen like Eric Swalwell (Mr Nuk’em), all virulent anti-gun rights morons, have hatched this little scheme as a possible scare tactic about President Trump doing his national emergency act powers to address the insanity at our southern border. She says that the next democrat socialist president (if ever elected) could / may / would declare that the next school shooting or whatever other excuse is a ‘national emergency’ and for all law abiding citizens to turn in their guns, or be forcefully disarmed is implied. Right. All gun owners in the USA will just cheerfully show up at the nearest Nazi style collection point and collect 10% or less of what the retail value of all these evil assault weapons are worth for the brownie points of being a good little socialist sheep and obey the nice mister president? I don’t fegging think so, bub. In fact, not a chance in hell are all gun owners obeying such bullshit.

First beyond the illegality of such orders, the unconstitutional BS of such orders, and the utter flimsiness of such an ’emergency declaration’, the point is that are democrat socialists really that damn stupid? Do they think that even 10% of citizens would comply?  This is the kind of BS third world shithole country, tin horn dictators try to do in such places as Venezuela, the shining icon of socialist morons like Alexandria Occasionally Cognizant, the darling of NY new congress member.

Let’s pick one of the 32 democrat socialist morons that may be running in 2020 against President Trump. Spartacus Booker? We’ll pretend that somehow this moron was & hook

Doesn’t really matter which of these fools we pick for this scenario, the motive and pursuit of the firearms of America would be the same. Spartacus decides at the prodding of all the nice socialist nitwits now in congress that were added to the ranks when he was elected, that that armed robbery of the liquor store on 5th street in Chicago was the trigger. Now he can declare that national emergency Nutty Nancy has been humping for doing for the last two years. With gushing adoration of the leftist, gun hating media, he gets on CNN for the big announcement, and says ‘America, we’re coming for your guns!’ And America says:  fingerScrew you, Spartacus, come get ’em.

So, the fact that almost nobody complies with his generous offer of token value paid for  people’s weapons, like Duke Nukem Swalwell’s plan would be, kind of pisses him off. Goes back on CNN and gets all puffed up and threatens to send in the army to take the weapons from us, one on one. That may scare a few more timid types into compliance, but still the vast majority of gun owners are still giving Sparky the single digit salute. That really, really threatens his inflated ego, that non-compliance, that defiance of his blustering, threatening and posturing, so he does in fact “order” the US Army to begin door to door searches and seizures of all those evil old ‘assault weapons’ the left has been harping on for decades. Oh, now this is where the wicket really gets sticky.

See, up until Spartacus was elected (there were some noise about harvested ballots in California that threw him the election win), each state in the USA is sovereign unto itself, generally meaning that the governor of each state could tell Sparky to go pound sand, IF said governors had the balls to do so. Presuming when Sparky was elected, the majority of states still had republican governors, other than of course the no ID states where voter fraud keeps democrats in power, then the National Guard for each of those states could stand and say, Nope, you’re not pulling that BS in MY state.

OK, suppose that the blue states where democrat socialists ‘elected’ Spartacus through voter fraud, like the state of California where about 21% of all of California’s voter registrations, or more than one in five, are designated as inactive, meaning that in a no voter ID law state those votes can be fraudulently used by democrats busing around thousands of homeless or illegals to ‘vote’ as one of these inactive voters. These governors, grubbing for more federal tax money for their sanctuary cites, say, ‘well, come on down, Spartacus, we welcome you to our socialist state to take the evil assault weapons from these dangerous conservative MAGA types who hate us and our wonderful socialist government!’ Many of these places already have oppressive anti-gun rights laws, so these would be easy pickings for the round up operation. But in a few rural areas, they may have to deal with rebellious sheriffs.

Sheriffs, being elected officials, have a surprising amount of power they can wield, including interpreting the Constitutionality of federal / state orders and whether they should be enforced within their jurisdictions. This, not surprisingly, falls along party lines where corrupt political slugs like democrat sheriff Scott Israel of Broward County Florida would no doubt cheerfully help the feds with their game plan. Sheriff pals

On the other hand, you have REAL sheriffs such as Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County who would refuse to comply with unconstitutional federal or state BS political orders. There are many more ‘Oath Keepers’ out there who would do the same. clarke

And as the thing went on, we can take into consideration that the entire American armed forces, about 2.5 million people, are outnumbered more than two to one just by the membership of the NRA, nearing 6 million members now. There are about 10 million military veterans in the USA who may still be in shape for a little scrapping around and those ‘too old’ to fight can train others. Throw in the hundreds of millions of gun owners, about 43% of all households have at least one gun, who are independent of the NRA that will NOT surrender their second amendment rights….Spartacus will go down in flames in the end, even if he called in NATO.

This conflict if it ever started would be as bloody, nasty and devastating as the first civil war, with the winning side purging the government of all socialist influence to keep this BS from trying such again for another 150 years or so. All in all, the democrat socialists better think long and hard about that kind of ’emergency action’ idea.

Picking apart the lies of Stacy Abrams ‘rebuttal’ speech @ Trump SOTU 2019

If you have browsed the other political postings on my blog pages, you may have guessed I’m conservative in political leanings. Technically, probably mostly republican, but I have voted for the more conservative independent candidate now and then. So, paint me as ‘biased’, I don’t mind telling the truth any more than the liars at CNN mind as they fling their poo at Trump and supporters every day.

If you care to read the entirety of her blathering, you can do so following this link.

To save space and time, I’ll just paste the most obvious lies and prove them lies and highlight the blatant exaggerations. Theses lies, spoken to America through her gapped, overly white teeth while smiling like a good used car huckster, are plain to anyone who is not a brain dead CNN junkie. I’ll put the lies in {brackets and in orange text} while the truth comes right afterwards.

She has her pitch well rehearsed, starting off with being all homey,  as this is to warm up all the socialist democrats out there for her future political schemes. The first plain lie we come to is {to distribute meals to furloughed federal workers. They waited in line for a box of food and a sliver of hope, since they hadn’t received paychecks in weeks.} No, dear, they only missed TWO checks, although you make it sound like months of dire need. 

Next is who to blame for the shutdown {The shutdown was a stunt, engineered by the president of the United States, one that defied every tenet of fairness, and abandoned not just our people, but our values.} It was a “stunt” alright, but engineered by the hate Trump democrats who refuse to give President Trump any political points on a campaign promise to secure the southern border. The truth is ALL of these obstructionist haters voted FOR the wall under Bush and 0bama, hundreds of miles of wall (which they STILL haven’t started on), but when President Trump want’s the same thing, oh hell no, we’re not doing walls now. 

{Children deserve an excellent education from cradle to career. We owe them safe schools and the highest standards, regardless of ZIP code.} The schools of the USA have been screwed over by federal interference, bureaucratic bungling, one size fits all mandates and failed experiments like ‘new math’. Michelle 0bama’s school lunch program (she knew nothing about lunch, apparently) was so disgusting that more kids went hungry than ever before and food waste tripled.

{while first graders practice active-shooter drills } because democrats refuse to let go of ‘gun free school killing zones’ and allow trained, armed teachers and first responders to intercept mentally unstable, armed crazies {our leaders must be willing to tackle gun-safety measures }the usual tired old gun control mantra of the left, up to and including confiscation by Eric Swalwell {and the price of higher education grows ever steeper} the average cost of getting a college degree is highly dependent on the individual college, choice of major, and whether tuition is in-state or out-of-state; this difference in expenses can be quite large, ranging from $0 to upwards of $65,000 per year. Also there are hundreds of technical colleges where one can far more quickly and for less money, walk out with a USEFUL education, landing a well paying job in the rapidly expanding world of manufacturing, thanks to President Trump’s efforts.

{families’ hopes are being crushed by Republican leadership that ignores real life or just doesn’t understand it. Under the current administration, far too many hard-working Americans are falling behind, living paycheck to paycheck, most without labor unions to protect them from even worse harm.} Really? Unless you have been living in a cave for the past 2 years, no one believes this one. Five MILLION new jobs under Trump’s administration totally blows this one up. And the good old fashion democrat labor unions are becoming faded dinosaurs in today’s world. 

{The Republican tax bill rigged the system against working people} That’s those ‘crumbs’ Nutty Nancy wants to take back. You’re not getting MY crumbs back. {plants are closing, layoffs are looming, and wages struggle to keep pace with the actual cost of living.} Nope. More are coming back to the USA and spending BILLIONS on new investments in the USA. Only ONE manufacturer in the news, Chevrolet, is laying off people (white collar workers) because of management screwing up guessing which of their models would sell. And wages? Up the HIGHEST percentage increase in 50 years. {truck drivers forced to buy their own rigs} Umm, that’s usually called ‘free enterprise’ where you start your own trucking business by…..buying a truck. {farmers caught in a trade war} are now selling millions of tons MORE soybeans, etc. to the EU {small-business owners in search of capital} is readily found in our booming economy {domestic workers serving without labor protections} because the democrat controlled unions are no longer ‘needed’. 

{this administration chooses to cage children and tear families apart} which is only enforcing the laws that 0BAMA put on the books. {Compassionate treatment at the border is not the same as open borders} Then why to democrats resist every offer by President Trump to solve these issues and refuse any offer that secures the border? {the Democrats stand ready to effectively secure our ports and borders} Really? Why have you obstructed every bill for the past 2 years that was intended to do just that? {America is made stronger by the presence of immigrants, not walls} America has always welcomed LEGAL immigrants, so this old tune is a flop as you try to equate legal and illegal immigrants. 

{our leaders must protect the progress we’ve made and commit to expanding health care and lowering cost for everyone} which is exactly what President Trump is doing, going after big pharma to get fair prices for drugs and cleaning up disasters such as the VA hospital situation. {Maternal mortality rates show that mothers, especially black mothers, risk death to give birth} because for instance in NY more black babies are ABORTED than are born. 

{in 14 states, including my home state, where a majority want it, our leaders refuse to expand Medicaid, which could save rural hospitals, save economies, and save lives}Only if you ask freeloading democrats in you ‘home turf’.

{take action on climate change}as we see the coldest winter on record rage through the USA. {defend individual liberties with fair-minded judges.} Continue to murder millions of babies with ‘women’s rights’ abortions using liberal activist judges like those who over reach their constitutional authority by edicts that interfere with Trump’s efforts (30 times) at keeping America safe. 

{Voter suppression is real} Voter suppression is bullshit, which is demo-speak for requiring voter ID to vote. Democrats only keep power though voter fraud, as Spacy Stacy tried herself in Georgia.

{all eligible citizens can have their say about the vision we want for our country}“Eligible” being the key word here, CITIZENS are voters in the USA, not ILLEGALS as in CA and several other no ID sanctuary states, where when a drivers license is issued, they are ‘automatically’ registered to vote.

{We fought Jim Crow with the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act} BOTH of which were REPUBLICAN bills & laws that were OPPOSED BY DEMOCRATS.

{we continue to confront racism from our past and in our present} as the left and media constantly falsely paint President Trump as ‘racist’, who has been in the public eye for well over 30 years, working with countless black individuals and organizations, winning awards for his charity work with black foundations like the  Magic Johnson Foundation, all ‘forgotten’ when he became a nasty old republican president. 30 years

Barter, bullets and beans

OK, time to quit slacking off and write another article here.

President Trump really has boosted the American economy, hasn’t he? Even the worst haters on CNN are forced to admit that his ideas are working pretty well. (Actually, almost none of ’em will admit that!) But even with this booming economy and record high stock market, the naysayers out there in the financial book sellers world are pushing the idea that it’s all too good to be true and the world as we know it will end next Wednesday. Or maybe the next week. And the democrats are so full of hate and shit that they’re actually pushing to try and crash every program Trump has initiated. What happens if they succeeded? Or if the financial naysayers turn out to be right?

Well, perhaps the democrats are too impotent to really get much economic sabotage going, and unless there really is some doomsday worldwide economic crash, the stock market will continue it’s wild ride up and down as it always has.

But in today’s world there are many actors at play, all of whom have evil intent for the USA. Just in cyber attacks, for instance, you have Russia, China and North Korea with hundreds of thousands of dedicated computer ‘warriors’ who relentlessly probe every security crack they can find. They have successfully hacked many critical institutions and computer services here in the USA, and people that know our infrastructure, power grid, etc are running on rather old software are quite worried about security. For quite some time, we worried that the USA might get nuked by North Korea, even before Trump got into the word games he played with ‘little Rocket Man’. But even though it appears that NK is possibly no longer a threat (or at least less of a threat) there are others with nukes out there who would hit us if they thought we were too weak to retaliate, say if 0bama was still in power or Hillary was president. Or the second, but more preferred way to take us down is through the hackers, using cyber-warfare. All it would take is to cause a major malfunction in a couple of fair sized networks on the east coast and a huge chunk of the US grid would come crashing down. It’s all interconnected, so the domino effect would be devastating.

Power Grid Cyber Attacks Keep the Pentagon Up at Night

How many things in your life are not connected to the power grid? If you thought about it for a while you might be able to count those items on one hand. Basically everything in today’s society is dependent on the electric grid, creating the interdependence between the grid and water, telecommunications, transportation, and emergency response systems. Nothing would work. Your credit cards you live on, gone. Gas for your car can’t be pumped. Commuter train to home, stalled. Kids stranded at school. Cellphones down. Elevators inoperative, with huge numbers of people all over the place trapped between floors when the grid went down. Ever notice how bad the traffic gets at an intersection where the traffic light went down? Now, imagine that at every intersection in the country. Countless people running out of gas as they sit in the gridlock, adding more obstacles to get around.

Northeast blackout of 2003

We’ll probably be reasonably civil with each other for the first day or two. But then as the millions of hungry, thirsty, unprepared people get more desperate, things will quickly unravel into total chaos. In some places, the fools will be looting flat screen TV sets and other retail stuff. Grocery stores here and there might have been trying to cope with no power, but since everything is scanned for the price, they have to go and check every item’s shelf location for the price you may try to buy with cash. And would have to slowly and painfully long tally all the items on hand written paper, figured with a calculator. And that’s with the ones that would struggle to serve the customers. Most would probably just close up and hope for the power to come back in a couple days.

By the end of the first week, almost all grocery stores in urban areas would probably have been looted.

empty shelves

Most vehicles will have run out of gas even with minimal use within two weeks, so bicycle and foot is now your ‘transportation’. Your cash, if you had any, is probably used up. So, if anywhere had anything left that you could buy, it will be time to barter.

Since it will be a chaotic and perilous time, certain things of value that are reasonably portable may make a form of currency. One of those things may be ammunition. One may find that 9mm ammunition could be used for trading for say, a can of beans. If the can is identifiable as a can of beans (or something else edible, including dog food, read the ingredients sometime) you can easily check the can for the ‘sell by’ date to see how long it’s been sitting around. Now, modern canned foods can easily last two to five years past that ‘sell by’ date, so if the can is not rusty, crushed, dented, or bulging we’re looking at a useful item. The myths of ‘expiration dates’.  Now, what is a 9mm cartridge worth? Your bartering skills would determine that, but I’m pretty sure one or two would be worth a can of beans if the guy with the beans had use for the ammo since 9mm is probably the most commonly used pistol ammo around. How I do reloading 9MM ammo is the way I’ll “make my own barter money”.

When will the next Church shooting happen?

Well, here we go again. Yesterday, November 5, 2017, in a tiny homespun town in Texas, a crazed lunatic, who was dishonorably discharged from the US Air Force, who was NOT, by federal law, allowed to own firearms or ammunition, walks up to a tiny Baptist church and opens fire with an AR-15 style weapon firing many rounds into the church from outside, then goes into the church still firing, reloading and firing. Being Texas, after all, a ‘hero’ with another rifle (or other legally owned firearm) shoots the insane bastard, wounding and distracting him enough to leave the scene. A short distance away, the cops find him dead, probably bled out from the armed citizen’s actions with his weapon.

This proves yet again, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is for a good guy with a gun to take action against the bad guy. Sadly, it also proves yet again, that no amount of gun laws will keep evil people from doing evil things. The more the left layers on law after law restricting the constitutional rights of law abiding citizens, the easier it makes victims of them by the acts of evil people.

Just yesterday, the day of the shooting, attending services in my own church which has hundreds of attendees in 3 locations at once, serviced by today’s technology of ‘simul-casting’ the pastor’s words to the other two locations with video linkups, I was once again distracted momentarily by the thought of how much carnage there would be should some crazy bastard like Devin Kelley come in with evil intent to harm as many as possible. And again I chided myself for not carrying my concealed carry weapon to church. Previous law only allowed one to have a firearm on church property if it was locked up in your personal vehicle out in the parking lot. In the state of Georgia, our generous gun laws have moved with the times, and now allows one to carry in church if the church has decided to ‘opt in’ with tacit approval of legally licensed concealed carry permit holders to have their firearms on them while attending church. Our church is well populated with ex-military, ex-bikers and L.E.O. personnel, and I suspect that ‘somebody’ is possibly carrying in the midst of the several hundreds of people at each location.

A huge number of innocent people have been killed at the hands of crazy, racist, izlamic, or whatever motive shooters since 2000. I think this trend will not only continue, but will in fact increase as the chaos and evilness of the ‘end times’ as predicted in the Bible seem to be approaching. Whether you believe as Christians do or not, you’ll probably agree that our nation is being degraded with all kinds of moral perversion, corruption in high places and ever increasing diminishing and persecution of all things Christian.

Today, more than ever, it seems to me that more good guys need guns than ever before. Mass shootings occurring more and more. Radical muzlims attacking non-muzlims more and more. Political unrest from the left, funded by billionaire crackpots who wish the USA to collapse, their minions attacking ‘Trump supporters’ and all other conservatives they can reach, as they shout ‘anti-fascism’ as they carry out fascist attacks and riots. Crazy dictators like little ‘Rocket Man’ who may initiate WW3 any day now. Figures at hand indicate that about 3,000,000 people in the USA who have concealed carry license carry every day. Figures also indicate that about 12,000,000 people have a concealed carry license, but do not carry daily. Seriously, people, we need to get the daily carry people numbers on up there, and add more people to the rolls of us who carry. If these mass shooting trends disturb you and you fear that things are a little out of control, you should seriously consider the idea of purchasing your own protection for you and your loved ones. There are many gun ranges around the nation where you can rent many types and brands of handguns or rifles so you can find one that ‘fits’ you, that you’re comfortable with, before you lay out good money on a weapon that you find you don’t like after you’ve fired it a few times. When you find that particular one that suits you, having put a box or two of ammunition through it, you can buy one with confidence that at least it works well in your hands. Next, find qualified, seriously experienced trainers for self defense and basic shooting techniques, more so than uncle Joe, and get trained in safe operation, legally carrying and using a weapon. Each state has it’s own boggle of stuff to go through to get a concealed carry license, some states more accessible than others for the process.

If you want more information on all types of survival topics in today’s crazy world, please consider my book ‘Surviving Urban Crisis’ where I cover the 4 basic topics in good detail. It’s an electronic book format with lots of live links to supporting information. You can find in on in Kindle format and in 8 different formats for less than $5US.

Stay safe, be aware of what’s going on around you (no phone zombies, right?) and live to see another day.

Trump won – – I’m still prepping!

We’re now in the eighth month of the Trump administration. According to the media, this man is the worst, most corrupt liar and incompetent ever to steal an election! Reality begs to differ, as the stock market continues to soar at an astounding rate, unemployment is at record lows, and when President Trump gets out among his people, the packed stadiums full of cheering supporters belies the media campaign against him.

The media hates President Trump with a vitriol I’ve never seen in 50 years of voting. The ‘deep state’ is determined to displace him with whatever fabrication, slander, innuendo, or man from Mars theory they can imagine. See, Hillary Clinton was supposed to win this thing. It was planned that way. 0bama knew of this ‘Russian interference’ that was supposed to be going on. Didn’t do anything about it, because Hillary was supposed to win. The Democrat National Committee colluded with the media to weed the overly large herd of republicans down to one candidate that Hillary could surely beat….Donald Trump. They trashed and slandered all other ‘professional’ politicians relentlessly while propping up Trump with a billion dollars of free publicity, because they knew Hillary could beat this clown, this nobody business guy. So Trump wins the nomination! No surprise, they planned it that way. Now the media tide turns the other way, and trashes Trump 100% of the coverage, while Hillary can do no wrong. (Which is several books worth of wrong, but maybe another time). No ID states are worked heavily with the usual busloads of ‘voters’ trundled around to every district. Motor voter states like CA and OR with NO ID to vote. Currently, prospective voters in Oregon are asked on the registration form if they’re U.S. citizens, but don’t have to provide any tangible proof. The media remains gleefully confident that Clinton will handily beat this nobody, Trump. America looks at the choice of the most utterly corrupt, vile and evil thing on two legs the democrats have put up as candidate or the maverick businessman who used to support the Clintons in the past (for business advantage purposes, like thousands of other businessmen). America chooses Donald Trump. The media implodes. Wailing in the streets by liberal democrats. (That was fun to watch!)

hair on fireNOOOOOOOO!

I’ve posted on another page the maps that show the connections of the democrat voter fraud machine, democrat cities deep in poverty and crime, the interesting correlation of these areas always voting democrat vs. the outcome of the election. See it here.

President Trump has been under attack from the moment he took his hand off the Bible the day he was sworn in. No other presidency has had the amount of ‘leakers’ (one every single day, since day one), no other president has had the utter hate of the media to this extent, no other president has been “under investigation” to this extent and at the same time has accomplished more to motivate the economy of the United States than any other president. The democrat witch hunt, stocked 100% with 0bama leftovers and Clinton donors, continues and will continue until ‘something’ is found in an attempt to unseat this president. Should this pack of dogs actually find something in Trump’s previous life as an international real estate businessman worthy of accomplishing this goal, I’m thinking there will be somewhere around 62,000,000 really pissed off supporters who know this to be a sham, this  plot to usurp the will of the people and the electoral college who put Trump in the White House as these obvious clowns try and take him out of office. I would not be even slightly surprised to see the people rise up and get into basically the second American civil war to purge this nation of the leftist, deep state corruption attempting to pull this off. For what it’s worth, there are ‘internet rumors‘ of even an assassination plot by the deep state, should the effort to unseat Trump by “legal” means fails. They are truly playing with dynamite to imagine they’ll get away with that.

Being far too old to participate in such trivia as a civil war, I just stay home and manufacture (hand load) ammunition for my personal weapons  and continue with the general prepping activities that I’ve done for years, about 100 to 150 per weekend. 0805170852I used to fear the radical muzlim scum would be the source of a major internal conflict in the USA, but I think they will not be of sufficient numbers until perhaps my grandchildren are adults and having kids of their own. Outside of several major concentrations of muzlims in the USA, the general population could easily overwhelm the muzlims. More than the muzlims, I think that the internal conflict of the USA will be this result of the deep state plotting, or perhaps the North Korean little bat-shit crazy fat man drops a nuke on the USA, maybe a combination of things, a ‘perfect storm’ of unrest by all of the above coming together at once.

I’m continuing to prep. How about you?

If you want more information on all types of survival topics in today’s crazy world, please consider my book ‘Surviving Urban Crisis’ where I cover the 4 basic topics in good detail. It’s an electronic book format with lots of live links to supporting information. You can find in on in Kindle format and in 8 different formats for less than $5US.

Incompetence, crime and democrats.

As we all know, there’s a couple dozen themes that democrats routinely push on America to suit their agenda. I suppose up in the top five, you will always find ‘crime’ and ‘gun control’, pretty much in the same breathless babbling whenever there’s yet another gangsta shooting spree in a rapper night club or they’re discussing the murder rate in Chicago.

Always, always, it’s more gun control on law abiding citizens, never improving law enforcement in heavily democratic high crime zones. Always more restrictions on law abiding citizens magazine capacity, never taking murderers off the streets. Always the idea of banning ‘assault weapons’ will reduce crime in Chicago (where they are almost NEVER involved in any shootings) or any other democrat controlled big city crime rate.

At any rate, as a study of democrat crime rates, I noticed something familiar about the map that the Crime Prevention Research Center put out about how a small fraction of all counties are responsible for the majority of murders in the USA. 2% of the counties have 51% of all the murders. The top 5% account for 68% of all murders. CPRC also pointed out that murders are often highly concentrated within a given county. Citing Los Angeles County, which experienced 526 murder in 2014, CPRC showed that there were wide swaths of the county with virtually no murders. So, these areas are well known to the police and elected officials in these districts! The following map shows those hotbeds of crime and murder:

cprc map

Something very familiar with that pattern. Where have I seen that before? Oh, yeah, something about the recent elections where Hillary Clinton’s votes were concentrated, like in this map:


What a coincidence! (They seem to have left Alaska off the crime map, probably because there’s not enough crime in Alaska to qualify) But isn’t it curious how the two maps would overlay each other almost perfectly?

Here, I’ll put the maps side by side to more easily see this

2016_Presidential_Election_by_Countycprc map

The democrats relentless assault on our rights to self defense has done nothing at all to alleviate the crime rates in their voter strongholds. In fact, in Chicago, despite the SCOTUS slapping the crap out of their unconstitutional restrictions on law abiding citizens right to carry concealed, it’s still near impossible for the average Joe to get a gun permit for self defense in these ‘war zones’ of crime and violence.

One of our favorite democrats, ‘mad’ Maxine Waters’ district is about 50% gang turf:


Now, that’s a district to be proud of, right? “Serving” the 43rd district since 1991 (proving again why we need term limits) she has earned many distinctions including the most corrupt member of congress! During her dedicated service to the citizens of her district, her net worth has climbed to a humble $5,000,000+ on her meager congressional salary.

She’s just a typical democrat example and sadly many republicans are equally corrupt, such as McCain, for instance. We sure do need term limits, which is why the Convention of States effort is so important. 

Again, these high crime areas have been known of by the politicians at the city, state and national levels, patrolled by police for generations and still not much ever gets done. Why?


Crime Prevention Research Center

Yale Research

Boston Crime

Research Shows Murders are Heavily Concentrated in Small Fraction of Counties

If you want more information on all types of survival topics in today’s crazy world, please consider my book ‘Surviving Urban Crisis’ where I cover the 4 basic topics in good detail. It’s an electronic book format with lots of live links to supporting information. You can find in on in Kindle format and in 8 different formats for less than $5US.

Improvised weapons

This is for all my pals in the UK and my friend Graham A. from years ago in DeKalb County, GA, USA.

From my book Surviving Urban Crisis let me present to you one of several home made improvised weapons that would be useful in an environment where the citizens have allowed themselves to be stripped naked of self defense guns (and most anything else useful for self defense) and are now faced with hordes of radical, hateful muzlim terrorists attacking women, old people and public places. As long as they don’t have guns, items like this in your possession, in the hands of a rather pissed Britain, may do surprisingly well in a self-defense situation.

The legality of possession is totally on YOU to research (or risk) for your location.

Improvised weapons:

First let’s define what we’re discussing here, and perhaps to prod your imagination as to what may be utilized as a ‘weapon’.

Home Made Kubotan Striking Stick
Check for legality of possession in your area.

Compliance with local law is your problem.
This can be fabricated from just about any kind of study, round stock like a ¾” diameter by 6” long bit of wooden broom handle, or dowel, plastic / nylon rod stock or aluminum rod. Use your imagination. Basically, you take your 6” long stick and round off the ends at about a 45 degree angle, tapering the end down to a blunt ‘point’ about 1/16” to ¼” diameter. You don’t need a sharp point on either end. Now put 3 or 4 grooves around the shaft at even intervals to have some ‘grip’ on the stick. Done!

Now you have a rather formidable striking type defensive item, made from a bit of scrap. Or you can buy a fancy one with a key ring on the end. You could also drill yours for a key ring. The keys can then be an extension of the weapon, like a small mace. Very effective across the face of an attacker, muzlim or not. I wouldn’t put the bulky plastic remote car door key button on this item, because smashing it upside the head of an attacker may destroy the thing.


Like any other defensive item, from bare hands to bazookas, you should get training on proper use of the item.

Hits to various places on the body or head of an attacker can be fatal with this weapon, so it’s not to be used to settle up with an annoyed patron in the pub after a couple pints.

If you have decent sized pockets in your pants, this will tuck away nicely. Same with a lady’s purse, just put it where you can grab it out FAST, without having to rummage all through it. This would also help you find your keys more quickly, when you’re not having to defend yourself against a muzlim with the idea of raping you.

More than anything else, dear friends, is to stay alert, do NOT zombie out in your smart phone while in public, be it walking, on the train, bus, whatever. One quick text, maybe. A twenty minute text ‘conversation’? That can wait. Isolating yourself with an electronic device in today’s muzlim terrorist environment is NOT a good idea. Be aware. Look around. Stay alive. If you’re fit and knowledgeable enough, come to the aid of others should a situation develop.

How to videos on Making 60 lb bow

Three man teams in a survival scenario:

Making a ‘Toma-chete’ from scrap metal.

Will they successfully take President Trump down?

Well, after the most contentious, crazy and totally circus-like election in the history of the USA, President Trump is in the start of his sixth month in office. And not a single day has passed (or probably ever will) where the apoplectic, hate-filled leftist media, 0bama’s ‘underground army’ of malcontents rioting, protesting, disrupting republican district town hall meetings, and the whiny pissed off democrats have not attacked him for a ‘thumb tripped’ word from his smart phone onto Twitter, to the most successful US tour abroad in the past 8 years. The economy is booming. Doesn’t matter. The unemployment rate is the lowest in decades. Doesn’t matter. We have great respect again from other world leaders. Doesn’t matter. Our veterans and the systems for them are getting better. Doesn’t matter. They will keep up the unrelenting attacks, fake news, total lies and fantasies knowing if they may never take him down they will at least hinder, obstruct, distract, slow down his making America great again. And the vitriol towards Trump extends to ANY republican candidate seat that needs filling from the various vacancies created by Trumps appointees in his administration. Take the 6th district in Georgia, near me. The democrats put up John Ossoff (pissed off, jacked off, whatever) to run against Karen Handel, a successful republican candidate from other positions in the Georgia party. Don’t know ol’ Johnny boy? Nobody else did either. But a little search finds that Johnny was a democrat flunky, starting his lackluster career as an intern for John Lewis a radical black activist, pro-Obama, deep hater of the conservative people, who led that ridiculous ‘sit in’ a short while ago. He’s got endorsements from the ultimate bat-shit crazy leftist Nancy Pelosi.  ALL of these leftist morons are rabid anti-gun rights fools and would have approved any clown that Hillary Clinton wanted in the SCOTUS. Hollywood elites and radical leftist democrat PACs have dumped millions of dollars into the usual lie and smear campaign tactics against Handel. So, we’ll see in a couple weeks how well that’s worked here in Georgia.

Then there was the Comey fiasco. Like the democrats were all excited like a kid getting an ice cream cone….then it falls on the sidewalk after just one lick…WAH!

So, it’s clear they will not stop the ‘war on Trump’, even though the American people are fed up with the constant stream of breathless lies, fake news and baseless accusations. Back in October of last year when the MSM was pushing the lie that Hillary would be the next president, I joined the millions of Americans who saw her ‘election’ as a major threat to American’s right to keep and bear arms and bought what we thought were the last guns of a free people when more than 27,658,982 background checks were done by the end of the year. When Trump unexpectedly won I thought, briefly, that perhaps we could rest easier since the most corrupt, vile and evil woman on the planet was defeated. That seems to have been overly optimistic on my part, because it seems the left has settled in for a long war against Trump and the American people who support him.

It seems in the defeat of Hillary Clinton, the ‘general’ of the leftist army was ‘taken out’, but the army and all it’s operatives and minions are still fully engaged in the war on our republic. “Comics” hold up severed heads. “Plays” stage assassinations. MSM spews hate, lies, distortions, fabrications, skewed news 24/7. Democrat leaders call for ‘fighting in the streets’. And then they act all surprised when some leftist crazy shoots people!

Today, 6-14-17, a gunman walks up to a witness and asks “Which ones are the republicans?” at a ‘bi-partisan’ baseball game in Virginia. Minutes later, a barrage of gunfire strikes Republican Steve Scaliase and others are shot before capitol police can kill the shooter. Rand Paul says that it sounded like an AR-15 (they do have a unique sound) and guessed that maybe up to 60 rounds were fired. If that turns out true, it’s a miracle that 30 or 40 other innocent people weren’t shot. The police responders were both wounded, I believe, in taking out the shooter.

So, if we deluded ourselves a bit when Trump unexpectedly (as far as the MSM was concerned) won the election, that we could relax a little now….that is firmly out of mind as of today. No, now more than ever people must be constantly vigilant of all goings on around them. Muzlim terrorists. Leftist terrorists. ‘Antifa’ terrorists. George Soros funded terrorists and agitators. Get out of your smart phone zombie zone when you’re in public. Keep your eyes roving at traffic stoplights, in your store cashier lines. See something, call 911. If you’re carrying concealed, and have the proper training, should something unfold, protect your family first and defend others if you can. Take out the bad guy if you can, but be aware that missed shots always go somewhere and may hurt innocents nowhere near the conflict.

Stand ready, like it or not the left may be stupid enough to actually try for their ‘civil war’ to take down America and install 0bama’s Gorge Soros funded new world order, one world government.

Plastic parts in your favorite carbine?

A tale of woe, disappointment and some buyers remorse unfold here, as I regale you with my sad tale of cleaning my Beretta firearms after a day of fun at the range.

Seems I forgot a rather crucial step while disassembling my recently purchased Beretta Cx4 Storm carbine, namely cocking the weapon before one begins to take it down. Seems that when this step isn’t done, when you pull the upper off the lower, the hammer in the up position breaks off the end of the plastic spring guide rod that operates the bolt cycling while the weapon fires. Whoops. 1

This is a grievously disappointing situation, that the Beretta firearms manufacturing family would cut corners in production by using plastic in crucial parts that the entire weapon operation depends on. I mean, these boys been making weapons for 500 freaking years, you’d think they would do better than this crap! Yep, that tiny ‘T’ shaped bit is the piece that breaks off, leaving you SOL for a firearm. So, what breaks next, the plastic firing pin hammer? Yep, that’s plastic too, with a honking stout spring to drop it on the firing pin, since it has no mass to transfer the hit with and that spring gives the Cx4 trigger it’s ‘feel’.  All the neat features, the ability to choose which side the ejected cases go out, the ambidextrous choice of the charging handle, the shared magazines with the Px4 pistol platform, are seriously diminished by these plastic internals.

So, I take the pieces to work, where I have some decent tools, and decide I’ll give it a shot at repairing / improving this plastic junk while my $40 replacement unit from Brownell’s shows up.

I chuck it up in our shop lathe and dress off the end of the shaft where the ‘T’ end broke off, drill it out to 7/64″ diameter about 1/2″ deep and tap the hole to take a #6-32 screw.


I fit the guide tab back onto the plastic rod, press the spring down over the rod (which is amazingly stiff, by the way) and secure it on the rod with miniature vice-grips. Then I screwed the buffer end onto the rod and slathered the whole end with industrial grade super-glue. I let it cure for about an hour, then eased the vice-grips off. Surprise! It stays together!


I really am surprised the stupid rod stayed together at all outside the weapon, considering the diameter of that ‘T’ end is a puny .132″ with the amount of tension on the rod from the spring.


I suspect this may either work surprisingly well, or it will break off again on the first shot fired. I’m leaning towards working well, because I now have a stainless steel screw plus the entire end fitted into the buffer / tail piece and made one with the rod by super-glue to take the load of operation. And when this thing fires, I suspect the spring on this rod is compressed 100%.

Upon reassembly, everything went right back into place just as it should, and the bolt cycles by hand just like it should.

We’ll see. In the meanwhile, I’m seriously looking at some steel replacement parts from Sierra Papa for ending the worry about this ever happening again.