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Is the world economy a house of cards?

Seems that every government on planet Earth loves to play games with their economies and money. USA? Gimme a break, Slo Joe Biden is the face of a huge plot working thru a script that will not be good for us. China? Yeah, our perpetual foe is also our biggest trading partner. Strange how that works, ain’t it?

But to focus on China for a bit. Some economic watchers are predicting China may soon have some massive economic calamity they may not recover from so well.

Wild ride ahead.

You might think, well that’s their problem on the other side of the world. Nope, China has fingers (tentacles?) in every nation on the planet, and every economy as well. There are piles of interwoven supply chains that will crash should China collapse. First thing to mind is pharmaceuticals. Did ya know that near 100% of American ‘drug makers’ major compounds are from overseas, and specifically tied to China one way or another? Did ya notice during the heyday of covid shutdowns that things got a little scarce? Try a total economic shutdown!

Then there’s electronics and components. Remember all the new cars that are sitting around that can’t be delivered because, due to covid induced shortages, they can’t get a certain chip from China to complete some component of the electronics? That was just one sector of their electronics situation. Wait until the majority of their production is out of whack.

As the above video points out, China has been jacking around with their money for decades, even worse than Biden’s ‘economic advisors’, and that dragon is stirring and stretching. When it finally roars to life there’s not a damn thing China can (or will be able to?) do about it. All the loans and advances the Chinese banking industry has been playing with will unravel as the ponzi scheme collapses. 65 million hi-rise housing units, unsold, undelivered, not paid for by the builders and the buyers now defaulting, refusing to pay for undelivered homes, that shock wave going right to the top, stopping at all the major banks playing along in the scheme that are entangled with all the other major world banks!

All we can do considering the massive amounts of stuff we get from China, is to try and plan ahead best we can for shortages of dang near everything from prescription drugs to aluminum foil should (when?) this happens.

One other thing. Considering how much stuff we get from China, which props up their shaky economy so much, does it really make any sense for them to consider going to war with their best customer? For either side to consider this war idea is sheer stupidity and national economic suicide regardless of the political posturing and bluster. China would collapse economically, we would do damn near as bad if all trade was stopped because of a war. The rest of the world economies would fall soon as well.

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Here come the nukes!?

Well, here we go again. The demoncraps are stirring up another war on the other side of the world. Again. Seems like you just can’t have demoncraps in power without a war going on somewhere. Guess it must be all those military contractor kickbacks the demoncraps get. War is very profitable. As long as you’re not a grunt on the ground doing the fighting and dying.

Us prepper types have had a heads up since Slo Joe and da Ho stole the election, time to get busy, stock up, rotate inventory and get ready to hunker down when the big show starts. Mega inflation. War. Total FUBAR of everything this moron touches. Yep, yep, and double yep!

Gas won’t go above $9.99 for a while, because the pumps won’t accommodate $10….yet.

Three months of food and basic supplies as a minimum inventory for your household is the base starting point. That’s 270 servings of food per individual in your family or group to make it 3 months. It’s easier to calculate what your inventory is capable of in ‘servings’ vs weight, etc. Like the typical can of soup is 2 servings, so multiply the number of cans of soup by 2 and you have the servings you can use. Our soup inventory is 61 cans as of today, so that makes 122 servings. So if the two of us have a can of soup every day, we’ll last 60 servings just on the soup inventory. You should buy canned goods like soups, stews, veggies, etc every time you shop, especially when there’s a buy one – get one free sale going on. Double up for sure then. Same thing stocking up on dried beans, rice, etc, and store these items in plastic bins or 5 gallon buckets with sealable lids to keep mice out. A “Food Saver” machine is great for this effort. Every time you shop, what ever is on your list, get 2 instead of just the one item, if you can possibly afford it. Kids like canned ravioli? Need one? There’s another one sitting next to it looking for a home. Put that second can away in a closet or make up a dedicated pantry for survival days. Don’t have space in any closet? Seems to be a great time to go through all those clothes and shoes you never wear and donate them to charity. Lots of homeless folks out there. You can set items on the floor around the base of the closets, especially your walk in closets. Now that you have some space, build a shelf about 14 inches from the floor, all the way around the base of the closet and if you have space a second shelf 12 inches above that one. Now you’re getting some storage space. Put tall items on the floor under the lower shelf and work upward. Use 1 by 12 boards and sturdy brackets screwed into your wall studs every couple feet for support.

How long does canned food last? Find out here in my article on that.

I suggest buying some freeze dried canned / bagged items of stuff your family will eat as the backstop of your survival pantry. This stuff is good for 20 or 25 years on a shelf. Many good brands out there, check the customer feedback before you buy. This would be your last to use reserves of food, to be used after the last can of everything else has been consumed. That’s why its rated for 20+ years of storage.

40 servings of veggie stew that will still be good in 2042

You have seen for yourself how a “crisis”, even a politically invented one such as the covid 19 plandemic, can cause panic buying of weird items. Remember the toilet paper nationwide shortage? Never mind not buying any food for a couple weeks, let’s buy carloads of toilet paper! What the hell for? If you don’t eat, you ain’t gonna do much crapping. You can see spot shortages already of weird things like canned cat food at our local grocery. WalMart is closing some stores and transferring the inventory to other stores. Food shopping there means check the sell by dates on the items. You may be buying old inventory that’s closer to the date. The ‘comfort zone’ here is at least a year before the sell by date when you buy the item. Acidic foods like canned tomatoes generally have a closer sell by date, but they should still be OK a year past that.

The supply chain network in the USA and around the world is on very shaky ground anymore because of covid flareups, strikes, sanctions, supply shortages, labor shortages (being paid to stay home). And now that Slo Joe and Vlad are playing political war patty cake, we’ll soon be seeing massive food shortages all over Europe because Putin shut down fertilizer exports AND here in the USA because Canadian railroad boys are on strike. Guess where we get most of our fertilizer ingredients? No fertilizer means no crops or at best severely reduced production and quality. And all that crap we get from China? How many hundreds of thousands of cars made in the USA are sitting in storage lots that can’t be sold because they’re missing component chips made in China that aren’t coming over? Part of that issue is the backlog of cargo ships off the Californication coastline where there have been up to over 100 ships waiting to unload for months. The largest of these ships can hold about 10,000 40 foot cargo containers. Lots of ships are diverting to the east coast through the Panama canal, which is adding weeks to the delivery period and also running a backlog on east coast ports, while some of the very small cargo ships are going all the way through Canada into the Great Lakes, making some very expensive cargo charges…..passed on to us consumers. Items dropped off on the east coast instead of the west coast now have even more shipping charges added on as they get trucked from the east coast back to the west coast or central USA. All of this extra cost will be added to everything that we buy. Get it while you can at today’s prices. Next week, it may all cost more.

Curious things about covid-19


You know, as more and more stuff is uncovered from the hidden files, or the lies, of certain “health organizations” (like CDC) that were supposedly insignificant or unimportant, the more some folks begin to wonder just how much engineering and purpose of design went into the fabrication of the virus in the Wuhan lab that Fauci and crew funded so well for that ‘gain of function’ idea.

For a successful deployment of said bio-weapon (Covid-19) it must be highly contagious. Check. It must not be particularly seasonal for good year round spread and of course peaks in winter with people indoors. Check. How cool would it be that mostly people with health issues like obesity and the elderly with multiple health issues would be the most likely to die from the virus? Check again!

As far as “escaping” from the Wuhan lab, don’t ya think that any competent virology lab would have appropriate safeguards (even in China) that would generally keep the bugs in the box? And once the Chinese figured out ‘hey, we got an escaped bio-weapon going on here’ that they would have really shut down the city for ALL kinds of in or out traffic? Seems they sort of ‘forgot’ to shut down the local airport, that just happened to be an international airport hub. Whoops. As I mentioned in my book SURVIVING URBAN CRISIS what better way would exist for a bio-weapon terrorist to use than international air traffic! You have like 400 people crammed into a giant, sealed aluminum tube for like 8 hours or more all sharing the same air and exchanging germs. One person with the bug can potentially infect a dozen people around them. Then those dozen people later on become infectious and spread the bug to another dozen and on we go. Supposedly viable for 14 days (per quarantine demands), let’s just say it’s mostly transmittable for about a week. So, we start with one person on an international flight, contaminating 12 people. Let’s say 6 came down with the bug, and 6 were ‘asymptomatic’ but still spreading it. Each of those people within a week have spread it to another 12 who do the same, pretty soon you have 20,000 people in the area carrying the bug. Nice that it’s nowhere as fatal as the media was pushing for.

Now we need an urgent ‘cure’ for the bug ripping through the world, hyped to the max by the mainstream media scaring the general population into the belief that you’ll fall down dead from this bug if you don’t stay home, go nowhere, do nothing, no work, no travel….just stay home and stuff your head full of the CNN fearmongering propaganda lies. Along come the super heroes of the day, big pharma with their vax in less than a year! WooHoo! Let’s all rush out and get the jab! Um…what’s in that jab? Two of the three vax makers don’t even have a whiff of covid virus in them. That’s how traditional vax were constructed, gotta have some weak or disabled real virus in it so your body’s immune system can target it and make appropriate antibodies. Do you suppose that’s why the vax is largely useless and ANY jab level for keeping you from getting covid?

Rumors have it that Bill Gates wants to depopulate the world to ‘save it from global warming’ by using vaccines and other ideas. You decide.

Anyway, back to the engineered bug and deep state monkey business. Let’s suppose the bug was carefully crafted to mostly leave the younger, healthy population with mild to no symptoms at all from covid, but would target the sickly younger people, and be hardest on the infirm, elderly population, which as far as the deep state government is concerned, are a serious drain on the taxpayer funded support system because of medical bills and social security benefits. Remember how the democrat state governors deliberately stuffed nursing homes with people known to have the bug? What happens there? BOOM! The majority of the old nursing home people die of covid while the visitors get the bug and spread it! What a great propaganda move! CNN breathlessly rushes that slightly tilted story to the top of the news spin at every hour of the day! Oh my gosh! We’re all gonna die!

So, the plan is entirely successful as far as infecting the sickly, infirm and elderly, causing the majority of the fatalities of covid cases. Anyone notice that covid seems to target largely the white population?

What other useful thing can a well engineered virus accomplish for the deep state? Well for one thing, it can massively affect the voting structure of the USA. Did you know, or suspect, that the older the population of the country gets, the more likely they are to vote conservatively? Even flipping over from the democrat party? Yes, even after a lifetime of voting democrat, some do awaken and discover they’ve been screwed for decades by the democrats, doing nothing for their voters but raising taxes, making massive regulations and doing little to nothing about crime, homelessness and inner city rot.

As in all well thought out mass murder and world domination plans, we have a multiple attack strategy for the ‘great reset’ the globalists are pushing. Here in the USA we have the insane vax mandate plan where everyone must get the jab, even though it’s been proven that the more jabbed you are the more likely you are to contract covid. There’s something not quite right about that demand to be jabbed in spite of the vax being virtually useless to prevent covid. So the elderly conservative types continue to die. The younger democrat / independent / socialist crowd continues to lap up the incessant propaganda and go along with anything the democrat government wants them to do. And millions of UNVAXXED illegals from every zhithole nation on the planet have streamed across our borders and had free transportation to our liberal stronghold ‘sanctuary’ cities where the leftist democrats have already begun pushing for the illegals to VOTE IN ELECTIONS. Do you suppose that in NY, allowing 800,000 illegals to vote for free shit from the democrats won’t skew the balance of power? Thin out the conservatives, dump in illegals who want their free shit from democrats, push for good ol’ mail in ballots (conveniently timed in ’22 for an ‘outbreak’ of covid) that worked so well to put Slo Joe & da Ho in power….there will never be another conservative elected in ‘blue states’ or maybe any state with a large overall illegal population. It doesn’t matter to the deep state how many millions around the world have to die for their plans to work. As long as they are in power, collateral damage is not an issue.

You can survive covid-19

And you don’t need to subject yourself to an unproven, experimental, unapproved dose of bullshit that’s making big pharma and “Dr” Fauci billions of dollars.

There are preventative regimens out there that have rendered an Indian state with 200,000,000 people in it “free of covid-19” as the last figures show that there were only TWO HUNDRED active hospitalized people from covid-19 in said state. Also the information is backed up by United States sources. Now of course we’re gonna have the true believers of the CNN brain dead category trying to equate the MSM bullshit of people supposedly taking ivermectin as in the horse de-worming paste medication, which of course is NOT the subject or the source of those studies and successful treatments. The instances where this was studied by real doctors and scientists who were not on the payroll of big pharma or MSM have repeatedly shown all around the world in thousands of patients treated by hundreds of doctors using the ivermectin and vitamin combination which typically reversed the covid-19 symptoms in about two days.

The effectiveness of ivermectin, while loudly being downplayed, ridiculed and outright lied about on MSM and ‘social media’ for the financial benefit of big pharma and Fauci, has been proven again and again where there are study after study, scientific proof that it works.

Now comes the next trick, finding a doctor who will prescribe ivermectin and a pharmacy that will fill the prescription for it!

Youtube ‘bans’ video of effectiveness of ivermectin.

Vitamin D & Ivermectin Better Solutions to COVID than Vaccines Guess what months and months of being ‘locked up’ indoors causes? Low blood count of vitamin D! Low levels severely hampers your natural tools to fight viral infections, causing you to be more ill should you get ANY kind of viral infection.

Immune Fortifying / Supportive Therapy

Information about the jab:


700,000 adverse reactions to the jab so far including 50,000 deaths in the USA, over 2,000,000 worldwide.

I can’t personally prove that I’ve had covid, BUT way back, early on in the ‘plandemic’ about late February or early March of 2020 there were a few days of feeling like crap, with the aches and pains and other symptoms being loudly published to keep the general population well panicked. This was also well before any real publishing of data or factual useful information on what people could do about or for catching the virus. I’m old but not terribly unhealthy, taking a typical over the counter ‘gummy’ over 50 adult multivitamin supplement and taking extra C, D3, Zinc, E on top of what the gummy was providing. When these ‘flu symptoms’ hit, I doubled up on the D3, C, Zinc and was already taking melatonin to help with sleep issues. In addition to the vitamins, I also fell back on my tried and true zinc based over the counter cold and flu treatments that include lozenges, nasal sprays, chewable types that had proven effective in the past. Well, in less than 3 days, I was feeling back to normal, getting over the flu type feeling. The stuff works.

Based on the information one can find about vitamin D and C and zinc beating up on many virus types, one can hope that other similar zinc based products, should these be out of stock, would be available with the vitamins mentioned above. Additionally, if you can’t find a doctor or clinic who will prescribe ivermectin for you, a close second in performance is quercetin supplements available online thru Walgreens, GNC stores (some brands may be available in stores), WalMart and of course Amazon. I highly advise getting some in your pantry BEFORE you come down with the flu or covid or whatever else is going around this winter. Two or three days shipping wait time may give you a rough ride with covid, allowing it to build up in your system. WalMart’s selection includes a brand that sounds potent and ‘customer approved’ 5 stars.

Quercetin Phytosome with Vitamin C and Zinc - 120 Vegetarian caps - Super Absorption - Supports Immune, Respiratory and Cardiovascular Health – Powerful antioxidant - 1000mg per Serving

Have seen during my ‘research’ that at some potency levels, the ‘experts’ say people shouldn’t take quercetin more than two weeks, so it would be just about right dosage time to blow up your covid bug. Maybe for a maintenance level / immune system support take it every other day?

Fauci Fallacy and the Wuhan Flu

This is a long posting this time with many links to corroborate things I’ve linked to this pandemic game being played out all over the world.

As the Wuhan Flu, the CCP flu, covid-19 or whatever the hell you want to call this ‘pandemic’ the world has suffered continues to endlessly plod along, well into it’s second year and clearly on track for yet another year, it is inevitable that leaks from the source of this mess will surface. The truth will come out and eventually the perps will go to prison. Unless of course, they’re well connected democrat operatives. In that case, it may take years of legal wrangling to get them tried and convicted.

“The con job goes like this.
Step 1) poison the population purposely to create disease that does not and would never occur naturally
Step 2) parlay the purposely reated disease as being caused by something invisible, outside the realm of control or knowledge of the average person
Step 3) create a toxic vaccine or medication that was always intended to further poison the population into an early grave
Step 4) parlay the vaccine or medication poisoning as PROOF the disease, which never existed, is much worse than anticipated
Step 5) increase the initial poisoning, which is marketed as a fake disease, and also increase the vaccine and medication poisoning, to start piling the bodies into the stratosphere
Step 6) repeat as many times as possible upon an uninformed population because killing a population this way (the art of having people line up to kill themselves with poison……known as a “soft kill” method) is the only legal way to make sure such eugenic operations can be executed on mass and in plain sight.“

Who is the front man for this clown show of mismanagement, lies, lies and more lies? “Doctor” Anthony Fauci. Fauci has been a democrat operative for decades in DC and is head of the National Institute of Allergies & Infectious Diseases since 1984. His wife, Christine Grady, is also a high up official in the NIH, the ‘bioethics department’ and may have ties to Bill Gates and his ‘global health initiative’ and Moderna the vax maker. More than one source points to Gates and Fauci making a nice profit (millions, no doubt) from the vax.

Wonder how well the vax makers are doing? Well, Moderna is up 1,870% since the game started. Pfizer is much more modest with only about 32% profit gain this year. Johnson & Johnson doing pretty well. And Astra Zenica bringing up the rear in stock values.

Being the director of the NIAID, one would think that Fauci would know what’s going on within the organization, right? Well, our boy Fauci has been playing dumb about the connection to the Wuhan lab where the virus originated. He has denied that they funded such monkey business, but was found out. $826,000 from NIAID, under Fauci directorship through the EcoHealth Alliance. We also find that EcoHealth Alliance received funding for bio-weapons research.

The money chart.

Tracing this rats nest of connections is like trying to follow a single spaghetti noodle through a big bowl full of noodles. You start at the end of the Fauci noodle (him) and follow along. His noodle touches another noodle in a hundred places before you get to the end of it. Each noodle his noodle touches must also be investigated. And then each of those noodles contacts, and on and on. But the further you go, it seems every noodle in the bowl eventually winds up at the same NWO meatball cabal in the middle of the bowl. And all the big names in that cabal have been pulling the strings of their puppets for decades.

The Truth About Fauci and Birx, Bill Gates And Globalist Elites

And about that FDA ‘approval’ of the vax….

A slight detour into how many actual cases of covid, how many deaths from it here in the USA. Did you know that the vaccine adverse event tracking has recorded more deaths from the covid vax than ALL OTHER VACCINES FOR THE PAST SEVENTY YEARS…COMBINED! If you take a percentage of the cases of covid vs the number of deaths, you have about a 1.7% chance of death if you get the virus. In the USA we have 361,684,564 ‘fully vaxed’ people, a bit more than 47% of the population. We have had 38,171,996 confirmed cases with 638,652 fatalities as of the current posting on that link. Meanwhile, 4,934,496,760 people world wide have been vaxed. Almost 5 BILLION people. If the big pharma companies are charging a ‘discount’ rate at $19.50 per shot in the USA, (that’s ‘only’ $7,052,848,998) you can see what kind of money we’re talking about, which is why they were suppressing the alternative early stage treatments using safe, proven drugs that have been used for decades with great results in other countries and even here in the USA if you can find a brave enough doctor to write you a prescription for them…and then get a pharmacy to fill it! I find it curious that now that we have the mentally melted moron Joe Biden as president, the medical industry is quietly coming off their ‘ban’ on these meds because Trump is not president? The vax adverse event collection (which is WAY under- reported because people think the vax is “safe” because the government / news / propaganda all say it’s ”safe” so this trip to the ER can’t possibly be from the vax we had 2 days ago) shows a VERY alarming number of people DIED from the vax. Uncle Bob had the vax first jab, felt real bad for a few days, then the second jab, 2 days later dies of a ‘heart attack’. People don’t make the connection because Bob was old. A teenager gets the vax and dies of heart issues, another hospitalized because of blood clots in the brain after the jab. That kind of issue gets more people thinking about what’s going on here.

Post vax blood analysis shows major problems in red blood cells.

Wonder where the “Delta variant” is coming from? VAXXED super spreaders!

Fatality rate of major virus outbreaks worldwide in the last 50 years as of 2020:

Did you know that Moderna has never had an FDA approved drug product until the Covid vax?

You for sure won’t see this on mainstream media, but the vax ‘protection’ is fading out at six months after the jabs. So, not only does your protection fade out while you act as a super spreader of covid, you’ll need booster shots every six to eight months…..forever. So that seven billion dollar profit you saw above is just a drop in the bucket for big pharma, as it swells to TRILLIONS in profits since everyone with the jab will have to have boosters…forever.

Trillions in profits ahead while millions die of covid ‘variants’.

Crazy old Florida is at it again with their ‘radical’ approach to Covid, doing Monoclonal Antibody Therapy Treatments Available Now for free to FL residents. More states other than Florida have treatment centers. Follow the link, I found 3 treatment centers within 15 miles of my house. Also for high-risk patients who have been exposed to someone with COVID19, Regeneron can give you temporary immunity to decrease your odds of catching the infection by over 80%.

Here’s a video of a conversation among three men who know what’s going on. They discuss long term effects on general health, the impact on young people, pregnant women and women’s health in general as the toxin from the vax settles into the ovaries and bone marrow. Worth the watch. I predict that within five years there will be MASSIVE class action lawsuits against all covid vax makers as millions of people become ill and die.

Medications that ‘may’ have effectiveness against Covid-19 that seem to be suppressed by big pharma and media:



Hydroxychloroquine. Why did the media crap all over this one? Trump favored it as a possible treatment. ONLY reason. If he had picked any other medication, it too would have been equally trashed by media.

Darapladib and Flumatinib





As I mentioned, there’s two conditions to get these medications: First, find a doctor / clinic who would have the courage to prescribe / administer such, and a drug store that would fill the prescriptions.

Some of the above medications were only given to hospitalized patients who were already at a near critical stage or worse so the effectiveness of the drug may be skewed towards the ‘negative’ side and could possibly be of more positive effect had it been administered earlier on.

Scientists have been investigating a plethora of drugs that may be repurposed to fight COVID-19

There are also investigations into simple over the counter anti-viral supplements:


Basic supplements and vitamins to keep your immune system maxed out and some useful herbs too.

A very deep study on the use of essential oils in immune system support against covid.

Way back in March of last year when this monkey business was just starting up, no vax, the shutdowns starting, etc, I felt like I was coming down with ‘something’ a couple times, so I ramped up my ‘immune system supplements’ for a few days and took a few doses of ZICAM zinc based ‘cold remedy’ tables and a few hits of the nasal spray of the same brand, which knocked out whatever it was (maybe covid?) in a couple days. There are a number of other zinc based ‘cold remedy’ products out there such as ‘Cold-Eeze, and some drug store chains have their own brand versions such as Walgreen’s Zinc Cold Therapy. And a handful of good honey lemon cough lozenges wouldn’t hurt either. I haven’t been tested, but may have covid antibody immunity.

Final thoughts: People who don’t give a damn about other peoples freedoms will eventually lose their own. You will NOT shame me, cajole me, trick me, bribe me into taking the jab. I read that if this thing works out like the NWO / Bill Gates types hope for where the population of America is dwindled down to about 99,000,000 per Deagel’s forecast page, I and others like me may survive and be in that population.

One last thing on Fauci and fatal, dangerous drugs that he has mandated all hospitals use: Proof Fauci Is Guilty Of Mass Genocide

Facebook Whistleblowers LEAK DOCS Detailing Effort to Secretly Censor Vax Concerns on Global Scale

This is for sure going to be blocked on FB itself and probably pulled off youtube as well.

FB is on track to control the minds by content permission of near 4 BILLION people who use FB. And that’s after Mark Suckabutt dumped hundreds of millions of dollars into the democrat side of the presidential election year while suppressing many or most conservatives and their viewpoints during the election.

Facebook Insider (in above video) Who Leaked ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’ Docs Morgan Kahmann GOES ON RECORD After Suspension

Here’s a link to a Gab page item on the vax & government lies.

Showing Mark Zuckerberg CRITICIZING Facebook Insider Morgan Kahmann and their serious efforts to ‘root out’ and ‘terminate’ such leakers, and go after them with their corporate lawyers:

How FB ‘human resources’ are instructed to prioritize H-1B visas in hiring, and particularly those from China and Korea over US citizens. Why China and Korea, specifically? Does Suckabuck have some interest in our sworn enemies getting intel on how big US corporations manipulate the minds of their citizens?

Now a tidbit or two on Google and it’s manipulation of information for the benefit of democrats and themselves. Current Sr. Google Engineer Goes Public on Camera: Tech is “dangerous,” “taking sides”:

Dr. Peter McCullough MD Blows lid off Vaccine Dangers (A Must Watch)

I’ve put this here because facebook “fact checkers” (part of the problem of preventing free flow of information and trampler of the first amendment of the citizens of the USA) keep blocking access to it. A real doctor, not under government pressure / intimidation / coercion / bribery to conform to the government narrative lays it out.

“CDC Quietly Admits The Death Toll From COVID Vaccines Is Greater Than Every Vaccine In The Last 20 Years COMBINED

Reports Indicate Vaccines Causing More Injuries, Deaths Than Natural COVID-19 Infections

Real vaccines for real non-man made diseases require a minimum of two years of safety testing, which were totally ignored with covid. As few as 25 deaths out of 50,000,000 doses got the program shut down in the past.

COVID-19 Vaccine Dangers known as ‘pathogenic disease priming’, where a vax actually PRIMES the recipient for a WORSE case of the disease. 21% of people injected from ONE manufacturer have had SERIOUS adverse events:

You can find many more references to the truth of the situation, the political influence, the corruption, the corporate greed for profits above all else if you ignore any lies pushed by government, the MSM or the power brokers who are in on the deal, like facebook Suckabuck, twitter, google, etc. Bill Gates has for years pushed the idea that the world is ‘too populated’ and has proposed more than once that a vaccine could be used to massively cull the herd of global population 10 to 15%. He’s already pulling this stunt with vaccines to children in poor nations. This covid vax smells much like such a plan to me.

Bill Gates and the Depopulation Agenda. Robert F. Kennedy Junior Calls for an Investigation

OK, here it is, 100% proof of voter fraud, China manipulation of the voting data and total corruption in our Govt.

It’s simple enough. One link, one source they’ll be seriously trying to suppress. So copy and past to every social media source and switch it to every other source when / if it gets suppressed where you posted it:

100% proof: Click the blue link: 100% proof.

To all my former left wing acquaintances: I’m done with it.

That’s right, let’s see if you go beyond the headline and if you have the ‘mental balls’ to read this entire article, which I’ll go ahead and warn you may very well shoot some damn big holes in your leftist Denialism if there’s any hope for you to see reality. You see, I’m fed up with being stressed out, nights of no sleep, after encounters of your idealism and misinformation on good ol’ F B you have posted on my page. You can’t have an honest discourse on F B because the format is stupid for that kind of thing, and their “fact checkers” love to interfere with factual postings that don’t fit Suckerber’s leftist narrative. I have concerns for your mental health with attitudes and ‘convictions’ of the stuff that’s been crammed into your heads by the media. It’s no surprise that you’re in this state because “left or right” news sources all assume their viewers are trusting souls who totally believe the flat out lies, distortions, clever deceptive editing they spin to control the narrative of the daily “news” they’re pushing. It’s the whole purpose of the media, the propaganda arm of the democrat party, to divide America on every single topic, no matter what the hell it is. Race, gender, age, height, weight, politics. Everything. And it’s working damn well, as half of Americans view the other half of Americans as “the enemy”

Let’s start with your favorite president to hate, Donald Trump. From day one, coming down the escalator and announcing his run for president, the press has been relentless in attacking him head to toe. Any lie about him, no matter how outrageous has been pushed with breathless coverage by the leftist talking heads. How about the ‘pee-pee’ scandal? Wasn’t that a juicy one? Oh, the perversion! Oh, the kinkiness! Total bullshit. Proven BS by the Muller report & FBI.

Russian ‘collusion’? Again, more BS, as $40 million and three years of rabid democrat hell hounds sniffing in every crack they could find come up with NOTHING.

Trump is a raaaacist! This one, by far, is the most popular and the biggest lie of all. You know who Hershel Walker is? How about the lie that Trump supported the KKK in that Charlottesville riot in 2017? “Very fine people”. Remember that? Manipulation and editing out what he really said. Working with inner city youth. Relationship With Muhammad Ali. Fighting the racists of Palm Beach. We can go on for another dozen citations, but you’ll still have to overcome your mind preset by the leftist media on any and all Trump hate spin by the media. For every instance CNN spins BS about Trump, you can find FACT that sinks it every time. You have to look for it, naturally, as the puppets of the democrats work diligently at keeping things like truth and reality that’s not in their narrative buried.

Now the election fraud. I’m sure democrats all insist this was a ‘perfectly transparent and fair election’ along with a number of republicans who were in on the game. Sure it was. All nice and tidy, But, if it’s all above board, fair and honest…..why is there such amazing resistance to just a simple look-see at the tallies? The mail in ballots? The machine inner works? The programming? The connections to foreign interference? If it’s so fair and honest why are the ballots in Fulton county being shredded (twice!) instead of being held as the law requires for historical documentation of the vote?

I’m sure Dominion voting machines being made in China has no bearing on anything, right?

On election night, bad orange man was winning big in 48 states. We go to bed, wake up and surprise! Bad orange man now LOSING all over the place! Gee, I guess 75 – 80 million votes for him just ain’t gonna do it. Especially with BS like this going on on TV during that long night where suddenly Slo Joe was getting exactly the numbers Trump was losing. Election tallies don’t work that way. One party wins over the other sooner or later, BUT the progression does NOT work like that.

Seems that in more places than one, the damn fools just don’t know when to quit throwing in the fake ballots! C’mon, man, do a little research on the voter population in the area you’re cheating in, make it look real!

Oh, well then how come all these courts threw out all those voter fraud lawsuits? Well, first off you have to work your way through the gauntlet of democrat puppet ‘judges’ installed by or asskissers of 0bama, which is a massive, expensive, time consuming ordeal. Oh, well then, how come the SCOTUS threw it out when Texas and a mob of other states presented the cases to the Supremes? Is our Epstein island party boy “chief justice” Roberts is compromised? In a pocket? Blackmailed? Maybe he doesn’t have the stuff to take on seriously big issues? Now that they’ve stalled the investigations and indictments past the inauguration of the biggest stolen election in American history, it may take years of wrangling through the courts before there’s ever any action to correct the situation.

And Slow Joe Biden for president. Wow. Ol’ Joe sure has faded out mentally as of late. Never was the sharpest knife in the drawer for the past 47 years, but jus’ damn, c’mon man, no matter how tight you close your good eye, the optics ain’t good for ol’ Joe. They kept him out of sight, in the basement, away from press and people ‘because of covid’ being the handy excuse. When, on the rare occasion, he did do a rally, they were a pathetic joke. About the same number of people who were in one of the ladies restroom at an average Trump rally. You do realize of course that ol’ Joe will be put out to pasture probably within 6 months, for damn sure within a year because he’ll be too far gone to even stumble through a large print teleprompter reading. So then, da Ho, Ms Kamalla Harris becomes our first “black” female president. Afro-Jamaican-Indian, actually, who mostly slept her way up the political ladder in Californication. And when they gently lead poor ol’ Slow Joe off the puppetmasters stage, and Harris becomes ‘president’, guess who will become vice president per the rules and law? Your long time democrat hero and Trump speech ripper, Nasty Nancy Pelosi, if she’s still alive at the time. If not her, then whichever leftist democrat scum has been promoted to her office as speaker. Oh, I can hardly wait to see what kind of a world those two cook up for America.

And now the last thing. ‘Follow the science’. This one is going to be right down into family structure here. We have a lovely young woman, a front lines fighter against the Covid 19 ‘war’, seeing it up close and personal every day, dealing with the stress, the trauma, exhaustion, patient load, death in your face every day. This is as real and final as it gets, eye to eye with this China virus, slugging it out as long as it takes to win against it. People die. It’s real. But was it deliberately released into the world? Yes. Why? To bring down the USA economy? Yes. And the world with us? Yes. Why? We’ll get into that shortly.

Masks. Do masks really work, as the typical little paper thing most folks wear? Some say they do, some don’t. Is it more ‘social distancing’ doing what little slowdown there is? Why is it that places like Japan and South Korea which have been ‘masked’ for YEARS still getting the China virus? Have you noticed that when wearing that typical paper mask most of your breath escapes into your eyes and around your cheeks and chin? That’s why your glasses fog up so nicely while masked. Everyone else wearing that type mask, same situation. Now if you get a seriously clamped on tight, sealed to your face kind of N-95 type mask, maybe that’s more effective. Thus the arguments state that ‘masks don’t work’ and of course the counter argument ‘masks work‘. Then, more ‘science’, epidemiologists are also split, some advocating the bunker mentality and some not.

Fatality rates. For certain segments of the world population, it’s really quite deadly. Say if you’re 75, obese with chronic asthma and maybe some cardiac issues or cooped up in an old age nursing home, like where Cuomo and multiple democrat authorities DELIBERATELY sent Covid 19 positive patients to die. What was the motive for that clever idea? Doubt we’ll ever know.

There are several observations worth noting. First, as we have long known, people of college age and younger are very unlikely to die. The 5-9 and 10-14 age groups are the least likely to die. (Note that an IFR (infection fatality rate) of 0.001% means that one person in that age group will die for every 100,000 infected.) The 0-4 and 15-19 age groups are three times likelier to die than the 5-9 and 10-14 age groups, but the risk is still exceedingly small at 0.003% (or 3 deaths for every 100,000 infected). So the leftist argument to keep all US schools closed is pretty hollow.

Second, the IFR slowly increases with age through the 60-64 age group. But after that, beginning with the 65-69 age group, the IFR rises sharply. This group has an overall IFR just over 1% (or 1 death for every 100 infected). That’s a fairly major risk of death. (The red line in the chart marks where the “1% threshold” is crossed.) The IFR then grows substantially and becomes quite scary for people in their 70s and older. People in the 75-79 age group have more than a 3% chance of dying if infected with coronavirus, while people aged 80 and over have more than an 8% chance of dying. That’s roughly the same chance as rolling a four with two dice. So, this pretty much shows that the democrats who have shut down their cities and states for the past year have ruined the lives of millions and caused massive economic hardship, mental health crisis, suicide spikes, etc for a probable vast over reaction for the working age population of America and interrupted the ‘natural herd immunity’ that many virologists were pushing for to get this thing out of the way.

Third, the virus discriminates. Beginning with the 20-24 age group, men are about twice as likely to die as women from COVID. This pattern remains in each age group through 80+. But all these figures are based on some rather sketchy fatality data gathering. Things seem to be slowly improving.

And now to the real controversy, the nitty gritty real ‘right wing conspiracy theory’, ‘fake news’ and all the other BS the authorities have labeled this information (or fake news, don’t care which you think it is) “if it’s true” kind of thing. It goes from a dress rehearsal of the world wide scenario to the world wide real thing released by China. Reveals that Corona 19 IS A PATENTED VIRUS. That’s right. Owned by corporations. Along with patents on the testing kits and many other items in this game. To what end? Money for them, population control for the governments along for the ride. Watch the whole thing. Think any of it is “fake news”? Well, then prove it. That’s all, just prove it’s fake. Give it a shot. Not a vaccine, just a shot at it.

So, there you go, boys. Let me know what you think.

ANTIFA wants war? They may get more than they want

Well, as of this writing, ANTIFA has been burning, looting, harassing, taking over areas, tearing down statues, and just having a fun old time on the west coast of America for more than like 75 days now? And the weak assed leftist, whiny liberal democrats in charge of cities like Portland, Seattle, etc have been happily letting the cities burn, minority owned businesses burned out and looted, cars burned, cops assaulted, government buildings taken over, burned, etc. And now, with not much left in the cities to disrupt, these clowns are moving out into the suburbs with their cute little show. For now they seem to be just playing the psyche game, making noise, flashing their green lasers into homeowners faces that dare look at them, turning over garbage bins and a little spray paint vandalism. But sooner or later, they will get bold enough to start breaking doors and windows, and even coming into people’s homes. That’s when its going to get interesting. Even in democrat shit-hole states like Washington, Oregon and California, some folks have guns in their homes and if these fools pick one of those homes for a target, they may find the homeowner will not be handing out beers to their uninvited guests, but instead may just dole out a large outbreak of lead poisoning in the ANTIFA mob.

And that intro leads to the point of home defense, breaking in by a mob of doped up radicals on your porch, breaking your windows and maybe trying to get in or throw a firebomb into your home, with your wife and kids in the bedrooms. Sure, call 911 if you think the cops might eventually show up, unless they have been defunded in your fine democrat city in which case you might get a recording advising you that some social worker might show up next week. In my case ( your situation may vary) I will greet them with my Beretta Cx4 carbine and Px4 pistol which share magazines with 17 round capacity (that Creepy Joe doesn’t like),

Back when the ‘pandemic’ started, and the panic buying of toilet paper, of all things, cleared out the stores I realized that I needed at least one more item to cope with all the shortages. An upgrade from an older system, you might say. Since all the toilet paper was gone, other crucial items were also getting hard to find on shelves, namely ammunition in common calibers. 9mm, .38 special, .357 magnum got scarce and spotty in selection, Basically, IF you found any at all, it may be some weird hollow point, or polymer tipped thing that your favorite pistol might be too picky to eat, as my Px4 is. So you would have to either experiment with trying some of this weird stuff, which may cause malfunctions at a very bad time if it feeds wrong or you would just have to pass it up.

Enter a revolver that can feed and properly fire ANY KIND of bullet in 9mm, .38 special and .357 magnum from the same weapon, the Taurus Tracker 692

A quick look:

ARMSLIST - For Sale: Taurus 692 Tracker .357/.38/9MM New ...

My other ‘one size fits all’ Ruger revolver shown in the intro picture is much older and is single action only, but shows a nice selection of what it will shoot, which the 692 handles even better as it has a flip out cylinder that works well with speed loaders for .38 & .357 and moon clips with 9mm.

So, now I can cope with whatever ammo I can find without worrying about brand, bullet type, steel case, nickel case, brass case in three different calibers. And if I can’t find any on the shelf, I’ll just roll my own.

loading 001

A useful skill nowadays. There’s a couple articles I’ve written about this idea up in the topic index. Have a look, the info is free.

Also check out my book, “Surviving Urban Crisis” downloadable instantly.