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Will they successfully take President Trump down?

June 14, 2017

Well, after the most contentious, crazy and totally circus-like election in the history of the USA, President Trump is in the start of his sixth month in office. And not a single day has passed (or probably ever will) where the apoplectic, hate-filled leftist media, 0bama’s ‘underground army’ of malcontents rioting, protesting, disrupting republican district town hall meetings, and the whiny pissed off democrats have not attacked him for a ‘thumb tripped’ word from his smart phone onto Twitter, to the most successful US tour abroad in the past 8 years. The economy is booming. Doesn’t matter. The unemployment rate is the lowest in decades. Doesn’t matter. We have great respect again from other world leaders. Doesn’t matter. Our veterans and the systems for them are getting better. Doesn’t matter. They will keep up the unrelenting attacks, fake news, total lies and fantasies knowing if they may never take him down they will at least hinder, obstruct, distract, slow down his making America great again. And the vitriol towards Trump extends to ANY republican candidate seat that needs filling from the various vacancies created by Trumps appointees in his administration. Take the 6th district in Georgia, near me. The democrats put up John Ossoff (pissed off, jacked off, whatever) to run against Karen Handel, a successful republican candidate from other positions in the Georgia party. Don’t know ol’ Johnny boy? Nobody else did either. But a little search finds that Johnny was a democrat flunky, starting his lackluster career as an intern for John Lewis a radical black activist, pro-Obama, deep hater of the conservative people, who led that ridiculous ‘sit in’ a short while ago. He’s got endorsements from the ultimate bat-shit crazy leftist Nancy Pelosi.  ALL of these leftist morons are rabid anti-gun rights fools and would have approved any clown that Hillary Clinton wanted in the SCOTUS. Hollywood elites and radical leftist democrat PACs have dumped millions of dollars into the usual lie and smear campaign tactics against Handel. So, we’ll see in a couple weeks how well that’s worked here in Georgia.

Then there was the Comey fiasco. Like the democrats were all excited like a kid getting an ice cream cone….then it falls on the sidewalk after just one lick…WAH!

So, it’s clear they will not stop the ‘war on Trump’, even though the American people are fed up with the constant stream of breathless lies, fake news and baseless accusations. Back in October of last year when the MSM was pushing the lie that Hillary would be the next president, I joined the millions of Americans who saw her ‘election’ as a major threat to American’s right to keep and bear arms and bought what we thought were the last guns of a free people when more than 27,658,982 background checks were done by the end of the year. When Trump unexpectedly won I thought, briefly, that perhaps we could rest easier since the most corrupt, vile and evil woman on the planet was defeated. That seems to have been overly optimistic on my part, because it seems the left has settled in for a long war against Trump and the American people who support him.

It seems in the defeat of Hillary Clinton, the ‘general’ of the leftist army was ‘taken out’, but the army and all it’s operatives and minions are still fully engaged in the war on our republic. “Comics” hold up severed heads. “Plays” stage assassinations. MSM spews hate, lies, distortions, fabrications, skewed news 24/7. Democrat leaders call for ‘fighting in the streets’. And then they act all surprised when some leftist crazy shoots people!

Today, 6-14-17, a gunman walks up to a witness and asks “Which ones are the republicans?” at a ‘bi-partisan’ baseball game in Virginia. Minutes later, a barrage of gunfire strikes Republican Steve Scaliase and others are shot before capitol police can kill the shooter. Rand Paul says that it sounded like an AR-15 (they do have a unique sound) and guessed that maybe up to 60 rounds were fired. If that turns out true, it’s a miracle that 30 or 40 other innocent people weren’t shot. The police responders were both wounded, I believe, in taking out the shooter.

So, if we deluded ourselves a bit when Trump unexpectedly (as far as the MSM was concerned) won the election, that we could relax a little now….that is firmly out of mind as of today. No, now more than ever people must be constantly vigilant of all goings on around them. Muzlim terrorists. Leftist terrorists. ‘Antifa’ terrorists. George Soros funded terrorists and agitators. Get out of your smart phone zombie zone when you’re in public. Keep your eyes roving at traffic stoplights, in your store cashier lines. See something, call 911. If you’re carrying concealed, and have the proper training, should something unfold, protect your family first and defend others if you can. Take out the bad guy if you can, but be aware that missed shots always go somewhere and may hurt innocents nowhere near the conflict.

Stand ready, like it or not the left may be stupid enough to actually try for their ‘civil war’ to take down America and install 0bama’s Gorge Soros funded new world order, one world government.

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