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How they could have stolen the election.

October 27, 2016

UPDATED: 11-15-2016

It seems the liberal world has been turned upside down! Donald Trump, chosen by the DNC and compliant media as the only candidate Hillary Clinton could possibly defeat, HAS WON THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA PRESIDENCY! Despite the massive voter fraud and plots I’ve outlined here, Trump has a record number of electoral votes AND the final tally of popular votes by about 700,000. This, with the details leaking out that 3,000,000 illegal aliens voted for Clinton in the usual democrat strongholds!

We’ve now had a solid week of non-stop riots by the leftist progressives, bused into various liberal leaning cities by George Soros’ organizations like ‘’. Seems the leaders are rumored to be getting $35/hour to play ‘patriot’. And the usual leftist loser whiners are complaining about the electoral college not being “fair”. Too bad they were educated in government schools, it seems. There’s a reason for that process: The electoral college and why it matters

OK, now on to the original ‘pre-election’ posting:

Yeah, yeah, I know, it all never happened, right? Nobody in power ever cheats to keep power or get one of their pals into office, right? And the government on both sides of the aisle claim it never happens.  If you don’t think that happens, if you believe that crap from the government, you might as well stop reading now, because you’re gonna have your world turned on its head shortly.

See, the government keeps it buried because that’s how they can get and keep power, by committing election fraud. Note the word ‘election’ categorizing this particular type of fraud. And the media, being willing pawns and puppets of those in power, particularly the democrat side of it, will go along and try their damnedest to keep this kind of thing buried, because that’s what the lapdog media does.

Now, there’s considerable difference between election fraud and voter fraud. Election fraud is very covert, near impossible to detect while in action if it was programmed with any skill at all, and the only way it can be uncovered is for the hue and cry of the voters to demand that the “winner” numbers be verified by the actual so-called paper trail from each machine of each district of the suspect counties. (Also, watch your touchscreen machine very closely, checking to see if by ‘accident’ your vote gets flipped to the other party for president as you final check your selections.)  IF this demand for verification is done, well, looky here, the figures don’t match! Why don’t they match? Because of a little game laid out in detail here. The computer programmer who was instructed by a republican politician in Florida to write a few lines of code to flip a percentage of the opposition candidate to his pal running for the position. Absolutely invisible unless an expert code writer examines the program for these few lines of odd code that accomplish the mission. And, it can be written so that on a date past its useful life, it will self erase, leaving no trail what so ever. All so very easy on these millions of 10 year old, hackable, out of date Windows operating system, touch screen machines. And the Diebold machines have their own little hack. Sometimes the voting machine hacking is so rampant that even CNN will say something about it.

Now, concerning voting fraud, as defined by law, is done by individuals who are illegal aliens, or others, as in bused into various counties, to displace the legal citizens votes in close elections in order to get certain persons of a certain party elected to power. These politicians provide cash or other incentives to these bused in people, or promise lots of free benefits to the illegals who are voting, like promises of free housing, education, medical care, etc.

You may be thinking, well they have to do this all over America to win. Nope, not even close to ‘all of America’. See the map below. There are 3,144 counties, or equivalents, in the USA. The blue counties are the hot spots for the democrats to keep the action going in their favor. California, in particular, is a hotbed of corruption, because of the generally leftist position of the Hollywood types, millions of illegals living there and no voter ID required to vote. And it has the most electoral votes of any state in America. 55 big fat votes, all in one nice tidy package. There are over 10,000,000 people in Los Angeles county alone in CA, which again reinforces the idea and tactics of concentrating their efforts in these major population areas. Winning CA gives the democrats a huge advantage, as the opposition would have to win Texas, Georgia and Delaware to counter that one win.county-votes

All along the west coast, as you see, is good ol’ true blue, cream of the crop, democrat gold voting. And if you overlay the next map with these democrat strongholds, you may be surprised to find that most of these counties he won just happen to fall in no ID or minimal ID states.

Blue states that elected Obama in 2012. By the way, he only garnered 50.6 percent of the popular vote, but it was the PLACES he won in that made the difference.


And then, the no photo ID states and the states with simple photo ID and the ‘strict’ photo ID. The only photo ID states Obama apparently won was Florida and Michigan with the hand full of blue urban counties.


In the no ID states, voter fraud is simple and easy. Just walk up with a name, ANY name on the books (which REALLY need to be maintained and purged of dead and moved away voters), and they hand you a ballot. Simple. But, every so often, a democrat operative screws up and gets caught in the act. But of course, these are just the amateur goof-offs, way, way down the ladder from the “pros”. And don’t think for a minute that they won’t cheat on their own party to promote the one they want to be the prime candidate, showing how poor ol’ Bernie was sunk by ballot box stuffing the good old fashioned democrat way. Too bad they didn’t notice the security cameras, huh? And all across the nation we have these curious instances where the numbers just don’t seem to add up! The officials have all these nice answers down pat for those few who may be curious as to just how they come up with these numbers. The party operatives, numbering in the multiple thousands of people, are all hard at work pulling monkey business they will ask forgiveness for when they get caught, but knowing its wrong from day one as they try and rig the outcome for ‘their guy’.

But that’s just the ‘street level’ fraud game. Think it ends there? Oh, no, not by any means, this is all the way up to our elected ‘lawmakers’.

With our out of date, junk electronic voting machines, systems have been hacked in multiple states!

Yeah, it’s a sad and depressing or infuriating (depends on your personality) situation for the voters of America. I saw way back when our state went to the ‘modern electronic voting method’, right off, the PROBABILITY of easy tampering with these systems, even with just the basic knowledge I had of computers and their inner workings at that time. By no means do I pretend to be a code writer, but I did know enough of their works to realize that somebody who knew what to do could easily rig the system. Some programmer could be paid off or threatened into doing as the masters bid, lest they suddenly catch a bad case of ‘suicide virus’ like the 40+ people who had been slated to testify against the Clinton crime machine.

This election year has been the worst in history with the vitriol, personal attacks, lack of stated policies to actually fix problems, background manipulation by insiders like Clinton and foreigners like George Soros,  main stream media bias and propaganda in favor of the democrats (though they have always been that way). The only way this gets fixed is, in my opinion, to go back to some form of paper style ballot system that is more modernized than the days before ‘computerized voting’, something like the Florida ‘Votomatic’ punch card type, which can be machine counted pretty fast.


I fail to see how the above voting idea of Gore vs Bush of 2000 fame is so ‘complicated’ that they had to recount certain Florida counties all those times. True, you can’t change your mind after you make a punch, but so what? The cards are then run through a mechanical counting machine which reads and tallies the punches, then the number of cards counted are verified with the county / district number of supposed voters that cast those ballots, and you’re done. If the number of cards and number of voters don’t match, then there’s been some monkey business.

Then we have the monkey humping media. My, my, how in the tank, up the darkside of Clinton these clowns are! Trump denies sexual assault allegations of women popping out of the woodwork within the last few days of the election. Trump gets taped talking man trash with some reporter, ‘locker room talk’ that an unbelievable number of men talk, but would never, no way, actually DO that crap. Its a ‘one up’ game, who can say the most outrageous thing. Meanwhile, wikileaks exposes crap on Clinton that would destroy any mortal candidate. Media covers Trump scandals 54 minutes, Clinton wikileaks less than a minute. And it’s not just Trump they dumped on, not by a long shot. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate and that Johnny come lately Evan McMullen all got their share of grief from the all democrat, all the time biased media. And all those “polls” towards the end, spun the hell out of them, for sure. A little oversampling towards the democrats called? Yeah, just a little, like 80% dems and 20% everything else. All mind games to dishearten non Hillary voters….Oh, it’s no use to get out and stand in line for hours to vote….See? All the polls says she’s gonna win it anyway. That’s what they wanted you to think!

So, there you have it. My take on how they did it. Now, we’ll see if it true as this was written 2 weeks before election day.

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  1. William permalink

    I posted earlier about being a nube to your site. During the 1990 I worked my first and so far only Presidential campaign as a volunteer. It was me,not really the candidates or the election. Although I am and have always been a Conservative voter. It was not long that I was invited inside, deep. That is the first thing no vetting none. I was not vetted??? Then as I worked it was clear no cheating or dirty tricks would be tollerated period. That kept me there. As the election drew closer my assignments changed first i cold called the phone list. Then I monitored others, keeping track of the work. Then i was given other work typing making appointments etc Answering the offices internal phone ie between the head quarters and our lowly field office. Sometimes we;d baby sit the main line via a transfer. On one occation we were threatended via a bomb threat, and then the telephones were tampered with more than once. Same with our electrical and other services. Right up to the election we had serious info about dirty tricks and serious shit as well. On election day we;d recived a warning about florida??? I was not told what it was, just that the suits all were freaked. This was in the AM way before the snafu with the early call. This was something insidious!!! Then I was assigned a list (attually i watched other watchers as well) so back to these lists they are of the registered voter. We would go into each voting precint and see who’d voted and then call them. That is where cheating of the kind you refer could happen. At the last minute if no ID is required go in and vote for the no shows… party affiliation would not be an issue. If you waited until the last moment. Or you were in an unobserved location. easy peasie yumpin easy!!! that scared me something aweful… After that my Boss from work told me of some really funky shit. From voting counting machines preloaded with the tape already printed out. So no matter the count the tape ie results was predeterminded. Another issue is the rogue ballot machine during that election a florida department official was caught with a machine and blank ballots. They are never carried together. Ever. Someone carries the machine and signature and chain of custody reports etc etc. The same is supposed to happen with the blank ballots. In California where I live and did my spot. I took calls early in the day where registered republican voters were given suposedly blank ballots in multiple precints that were marked for Gore already. In in most cases they were prevented from taking the marked ballot with them. They were threatened cohersed??? I learned programming back in High school though it never ammounted to much then. Later I learned to program PLC industrial control computers. (use the same Processor that desk tops use) And now I use a desk top. I know what you mean easy to cheat via software… unrelated I currently can’t work. Other voting issues is that same year in SF bay they found the lids not the box but just the lids to SF ballot boxes used to securely carry actual votes??? Never heard the end game of that. Just the lid floated up,the were chained to the box, the chain was there but not the actual box??? You’d have thought theyd be serialized??? This year a van was caught transporting illegal voters from precinct to precinct, they had lists of who to be and fake ID this was in the south… and a large van was found with marked ballots for HIllary in Ohio I think before the election??? Scary thought!!! Even with all of that President Trump could have lost if they had cheated just a little bit more here and there…. much to prepare for. Thank you

    PS I’m not sure if you are or were aware. During the 90’s election. But the networks all promised not to call any precint or state before the states in that time zone had all finished voting. The look at the staffs face in the field office during the Bush election was a shock. They’d been assured that nothing like that would happen. Promise and garanttees etc etc. And none of that meant shit. On election night the media tried to steal the election for Gore. What sickens me today is that once they called the election millions of east coast voters went home. Some were called and told to go back and get in line, but for most it was too late. That fact is ignored when they the media refers to how close florida was… with their meddleing it would not have been close per the inside numbering I had acccess to for months… keep up the great work…

    • Thanks for reading my little blog page. I always try to be factual and helpful in all topics posted. It helps spread the truth when folks like you who have actually ‘been inside’ the works of our voting system post a reply that verifies what the media tries to suppress.

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