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Well, we have some ‘choices’ this time!

September 25, 2016

Seems it can’t be helped, the whole world is entangled with American politics this time around. Anywhere in the free world that gets any form of American news, the people have an opinion on the American presidential race. Clinton vs Trump. This is my blog, my opinion take it or leave it, see what you think.

Hillary Clinton. Really, are you kidding me? The most corrupt democrat politician in the USA is their choice for president? And they picked poor old Bernie Sanders to run against her! What a laugh that was supposed to be! BUT, crazy ol’ Bernie just about put ’em into a blind panic when he was doing so well for a while, right? He was never meant to get that close, and I’m betting their panties were in a knot for a while there. OK, have I pissed off the democrats reading this already? As I heard a conservative radical speaking at Yale the other day say, “Facts are facts, they are real. Sorry about your feelings”. The supporters of this uber-lying, life-long career criminal politician say ‘well, she’s never been indicted!’ Yeah, I suppose not, because the democrat DC teamwork has unraveled or stalled said investigations and indictments to frustrate the republican investigations. The latest email scandal COULD have prosecuted her, but with a quick private meeting will Bill, Loretta has put the brakes on any charges coming out, even as the FBI clown specifically stated she’s at least guilty of gross negligence! But, again, no charges. Besides all the probable criminal acts over the past 40 years, and the string of ‘suicides’ of people who would have testified in these matters, the sheer lack of any morals in pursuit of the most powerful position in the world should have disqualified her. Rep. William Dannemeyer listed 24 people with some connection to the Clintons who had died “under other than natural circumstances and called for hearings on the matter, which of course went nowhere. But beyond the sheer ineptitude and corruption, there is a serious health issue they are strenuously trying to keep hidden from the public, which is the reason she rarely talks to reporters, rarely does personal TV interviews and has a probable body double.

I’m personally convinced that Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s disease after viewing the collection of Hillary’s ‘weird episodes’ that have been caught on film, which fit the professional doctor’s distance diagnosis perfectly. This ever gets out, like if she spazzed out during the upcoming debates, she should be medically disqualified to run for president, as the stress of the office (stress is one of many triggers of these ‘fits’ she has) would keep her so doped up she would be useless. And her latest weird persona displayed in video conference to union workers in Las Vegas, again no personal appearance. So, probably by medical condition or possible criminal indictment, at last, Tim Kaine may take over, and I don’t like him either

I’m a professional grade photographer, among other talents, and I have ‘the eye’ for details of people and things that many other people don’t catch right off. I’ve seen for months what appears to be two different ‘Hillary’s‘: One, the haggard, tired old bag of the real Hillary and the ‘other’ Hillary who is thinner, has different ear structure, and fewer of the deep facial wrinkles and saggy jowls the  real Hillary has.  She is really, really close to the looks of the real Hillary, however, which is the whole point of having a double, right?


The pictures are from the week when she spazzed out at the 9-11 thing, less than two hours after they stuffed her into the van, stiff as a board. Same woman? I don’t think so, pal. Oh, and the cool blue shades? Dyskinesia, early stages, related to the Parkinson’s.

And the main thing, for me, against Clinton AND her uber leftist running mate,  Tim Kaine, is that they are violently against the 2nd amendment (remember Bill Clintons ‘assault weapon ban’?), which is the cornerstone of American freedom as that is the ultimate guard against total government domination. If you are disarmed, as they did in Australia, they can essentially do as they damn well please and you can’t do squat about it.  If they “win” the white house, she will sit down with HER phone and pen and write executive orders to the degree that the 2nd will become useless, particularly after they install several ultra leftist supreme court judges (“they got it wrong on the 2nd amendment”) to skew the court left for the next 20-30 years, and then, next, the destabilizing and utterly mad idea to bring in 500,000 or more muzlims, young men of good fighting ages, from the worst parts of the world, and we see already what’s going down with that here before that many more are added.

Voter fraud. Now there’s an interesting topic that the democrats insist ‘doesn’t happen’. Yeah, right, and 0bama took certain counties in democrat no ID states with 110% of the ‘registered democrat’ voters. And other counties with not a single republican vote. Here’s a couple little charts that make you go ‘hmmm, wonder how that happened’:


This first chart shows the election results for the last election, 0bama vs Romney.


The second chart shows no ID states and those with ‘non strict’ photo ID. Ain’t it curious how 0bama won almost every no ID state and a lot of those with lax photo ID? Just coincidence, I’m sure, right? Enough with the democrats.

Donald J. Trump. Now there’s a gem. Before his ‘conversion’ to republican, virtually all his current views were totally opposite, back when he was a democrat supporter and pals with the Clintons. The Donald has no experience in government, other than buying favors FROM those in power. Which might be a good thing?


Trump gave in excess of $100,000 to the ‘Clinton Foundation’ for favors from Bill when he was in power. He was anti-gun, now pro gun and endorsed by the NRA, no less. He was pro-choice, now pro-life. In other words, complete 180° flip-flop from where he was. Can’t take personal criticism at all, which may be the reason he’s running for president in the first place. To get revenge against 0bama for deeply insulting him during that ‘roast’ before the presidential season even started? Makes me wonder what he’s going to think of the relentless leftist ‘Hollywood comedy types’ on late night shows ripping him every night. And he lies as effortlessly (or unaware) as the most long term DC politician you can imagine. Picking Mike Pence as his running mate gives Trump some creds with religious conservatives and is a pretty strong advocate for the 2nd amendment.

Then, there’s the distant 3rd choice group, the Libertarians. I like 90% of the Libertarian positions on government, particularly the less government the better. The idea of no longer being the world’s policeman is also sounding pretty good, among all the other different ideas.  Frankly, on the surface at least, Gary Johnson for president has a lot of appeal, 62% of America thinks so as well, per their website. Myself and one million other people who have signed the petition for Johnson to be allowed on the presidential debates, think so. That would be a bigger game changer than when Ross Perot got in between Bill Clinton and Bush 1. And as far as the main two choices, it’s like comparing two crap sandwiches to a nice hamburger. Johnson sounds pretty pro-gun, in interviews. What’s funny about some of the stupid comments against Johnson is that we hear ‘oh, that’s that pot-head Libertarian, right?’ Yeah, and what about the ‘pot-head’ we have for president today? He bragged about it on the late night show gigs, did he not? Democrats counted that statement as a positive. Both Johnson and Weld won and were reelected in democrat states as republican govenors! They balanced the states budgets and left a surplus in the bank when they left office.

However, on the down side of the Libertarian ticket, Bill Weld, the VP guy was just as anti-gun rights as any rabid democrat you can think of, and just as vapidly stupid with his comments on gun control, until he was tagged as VP on the Libertarian ticket. Now, he’s flip-flopped on the issue, similarly to Trump, all ‘pro-gun rights’ now.

I have an idea that if Johnson gets in on this first debate (probably not, it seems) or in the next ones, things may go wildly different when people find a viable 3rd choice in the running. I voted Libertarian once, a long time ago when Harry Browne was running. I don’t regret voting my conscience then, nor will I this time either.

I have not quite decided who will get my vote. Damn sure won’t be Clinton. Trump is just crazy enough to be either the best president in decades or the next worse thing after a Clinton “win”. Johnson and the LP ticket are so very different than the main two choices that I think if they should win, we could get so much personal freedom back from the politicians and prosperity that our heads would spin. The debates will tell the tale in the next few weeks. And as usual, I’ll probably decide at the last minute as I step up to the hackable electronic voting machine.


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