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Shadowbanned into Submission!

September 24, 2016

Twitter has shadowbanned my account, @A_M_Perez. What does this mean?  I have been completely censored.  People at Twitter apparently don’t like what I have to say.  I primarily tweet and deb…

Source: Shadowbanned into Submission!

Well, here we are folks, proof yet again how the left thinks they can “suppress” CONSERVATIVE free speech through the power of shady, sneaky, leftist Nazis. Twitter and Facebook BOTH will shut you down if you don’t play by their leftist views of “free speech” (basically you must be a leftist wussie and only talk about ‘nice things’ that they dictate are ‘nice’. Then we have Google, yet another billionaire leftist who has been ‘adjusting’ the search engine to deflect the auto complete filter to OMIT any negative search suggestions on Clinton.

See this vid:

Use alternative search engines, any one you please, and type in the same searches like Clinton indictment (clinton ind…) and see what the auto complete fills in, for PROOF that Google is trying to swing 10 million voters to Clinton by suppressing negative, true information. Besides that, you know that Google tracks everything about you, right? So, I haven’t used ’em in 3 years. I use

There are many more non tracking search engines to choose from as well.

By the way, if 0bama gets away with giving control of the internet away to foreign interests (like the UN) free speech and what’s left of privacy is GONE. Call your reps and demand they stop him!

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