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A little hiccup in the gas supply!

September 22, 2016

Well, down south they have had a bit of a hiccup with the gasoline supply. Seems over in Alabama somewhere, there was a break in the main supply pipeline to Georgia and parts of the coast. So, for a few days the supply was essentially cut off. Well, now what an interesting preview of what a ‘real’ loss of supply would be like.

Not that this little thing was even a shadow of what would be going down if there had been an EMP blast in the upper atmosphere over the middle USA. That kind of thing would shut down EVERYTHING, not just a temporary little blip in a localized situation. But, none the less, in no time at all local gas stations had added $2.50 to the price of a gallon of gas.


Of course the Governor of Georgia promptly smacked them with ‘gouging charges’ for being so greedy. But as soon as one station got smacked, another would be doing the same thing. This is of course STUPID on their part, because motorists will remember for a long time that Abdul’s quicky-mart jacked ’em up nicely before other stations even ran out of gas. Those pissed off people will not likely go there again any time soon.

Meanwhile the petroleum company scrambled to make a work around pipe for getting the supply back on line for the area, and gasoline is now flowing at about the same capacity as before the break. (No mention of apparent sabotage, but you know us prepper types…always speculating about that kind of thing, right?) The local news was telling folks that it may be the end of the year before prices go back down to ‘pre-event’ levels. We’ll see.

This little event also illustrated just how quickly a taken for granted supply GOES AWAY in an insignificant ‘crisis’ like this, which was really only a minor annoyance.

At any rate, the point is that us prepper types try and anticipate these kind of things to try and mitigate our own situations during times like this. Several ‘gerry cans’ of gasoline treated with Sta-Bil gasoline stabilizing product may get one through a situation much longer, with careful usage, than Poor Joe Downdestreet who has nothing. I suggest if you, too, go this route, to store your several cans of gasoline in a separate storage building so that if anything went bad and a fire started with it, at least perhaps your house doesn’t burn down with the gasoline supply. I would keep all flammable items like this (propane, charcoal, etc) in this outbuilding.

offroad camping

How much fuel to have on hand? Well, how far do you intend to run during a major crisis? Personally, I suspect the ‘entire world’ will seem to go into total gridlock / panic should something truly significant actually happen. So, I’m ‘hunkering down’ with my local group to ride it out for about three weeks. By that time, if the government hasn’t collapsed along with everything else, or they have attempted to SHUT DOWN everything else with the National Guard / cops / military like they did in New Orleans, we’ll send out a few members to scout around and see what’s left to pick over or see how well the authorities have dealt with the situation. It will not go well this time if they try again to disarm law abiding citizens who are safe in their homes “for their own protection against looters” as they did in New Orleans. (Visions of hurricane Rita come to mind)katrinia

Sitting there for hours idling your engine will put you in the same position as all those people you see pushed off into the grass. If you’re not moving, shut down the engine!

One last thing: Seems that these stations that had run out of gasoline….still had plenty of DIESEL fuel, it seems. Hmm. Maybe I’ll find a used VW diesel. They will also run on peanut oil, you know. At least the older one will.


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