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Beretta Storm Pistol and Carbine

June 12, 2016

Welcome to my latest posting under a split topic of tested gear and firearms.

And that will be on the latest item from Beretta, their “Storm” series of pistols and carbines that share ammo. In this particular version, the 9mm platform. Cx4_PROFILE_L

Px4-full Images from

Some years ago, Ruger made a series of pistol caliber carbines that they labeled ‘Camp Carbines’ and came in .45 caliber and 9mm. I had the 9mm Camp Carbine and found that the Smith and Wesson 53 series pistol shared the magazines with the Camp Carbine. Since both had been on the market for quite a while, one could easily find many useful accessories, such as 30 round magazines that worked on both.  Kept that pair for quite a while until the political climate changed when 0bama became president.  So for a Christmas gift, I “loaned” this pair to my brother, who basically had nothing for self defense in his home. No, I didn’t take it back after 0bama only became the world’s greatest motivator in the firearms business, yet didn’t ever get his gun-grabbing wet dreams fully engaged, thanks only to the majority party in congress being the spineless republicans who barely stood up for our 2nd amendment rights. They still sat on their thumbs while he relentlessly cranked out executive orders while giving congress the middle finger, which infringed citizens rights in many areas.

The 2016 election cycle is now down to two of the most disgusting choices of ‘president’ in my lifetime, and as Han Solo might quip, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this”. Clinton, of course, has been anti-gun rights her entire criminal politician career, and Trump was anti-gun before he ‘converted’ to republican. Question is, will he revert back to the original Trump should he be elected? There’s no question at all, that should Clinton be elected, that our Constitutionally guaranteed rights will instantly and constantly be under attack by manipulation through the supreme court ‘getting it wrong on the 2nd amendment’ and insane federally imposed regulations of all sorts by executive order. In any case, I sense a disturbance in the force, if you will, that smells of the dark side. At least that’s my excuse for going out and buying some new toys since that Rossi .357 lever gun last year.

So, checking around my local gun stores I’ve done business with, I worked up a package deal with my buds at the store where I bought all my Cowboy Action Shooting gear and grabbed the Cx4 Carbine and the Px4 Pistol at the same time. The links take you to the Youtube channel of Hickok45, who has posted a very large number of gun evaluation videos without generally showing little, if any, bias against or for the guns he reviews. I took that Rossi lever gun and left it there on consignment to get a few bucks back on the deal, which was $1,450 or so out the door after taxes for the pair. I had researched pistol caliber carbines pretty well prior to this decision, and while there a quite a few out there, there really aren’t that many that have the complete magazine interchangeability and manufactures reputation that this Beretta set has. Also these are available from Beretta in .40 caliber and .45 ACP platforms. The way I figure the ‘worst case scenario’ for the coming years, I’m guessing that if Clinton wins, there won’t be a firearm or bullet left on any shelf in any store across the USA before she’s sworn in, because they’ll all be bought before she gets the chance to ban them all like Bill did with so-called ‘assault rifles’. So, in that kind of situation, having a side arm and carbine that share a pretty common caliber bullet just may be a good thing.  And even better, is having the skills / equipment to reload your own ammo.

OK, now, finally on to the actual guns. The Beretta brand is famous, apparently, for their ergo-dynamics and design configurations and it shows very well with the Cx4 carbine and the Px4 pistol. I suppose that being in the business for a few hundred years helps with that. And the package deal that I experienced with both items was very satisfying.   The Cx4 Carbine came out in a huge cardboard box, which had me a bit confused at first. However, as things were brought out, my grin got bigger and bigger. Seems the Cx4 Carbine deal included a hard case, a soft backpack type case, 3 butt plate extensions, picatinny rails on top and the lower fore-grip set, along with a “hidden” rail, 2 seventeen round magazines, a thumb saver magazine loader, the sights adjusting tool, a sling, cleaning kit, the manual and warranty papers.


I added one of the butt plate extensions to the one installed from the factory to make it perfect for length for me. The AimPoint style sight I’ve added fits in the hard case with no problems. However, the rail mounted flashlight I like on my weapons has to come off for it to go back into the hard case, because I like it on the left hand side of the lower rail block so I can thumb it on or off. A compact laser would fit nicely on the lower front rail underneath without having to come off, which is nice because it wouldn’t compromise your point of aim from taking it on and off.


Sight installed

The ‘hidden rail’ is revealed by pressing in the front sling post, allowing it to slide out for mounting a small item, perhaps a miniature laser and in case you don’t like the lower rails located where your favorite holding position might be.


I put a label on the sight with the battery type listed so that I can keep track of such things. The hollow spaces between the butt plate extensions are handy for small, crucial items like that. You only need a slotted screwdriver for access, which of course should be in your Leatherman type belt tool that you wear daily, right?

Next, the Px4 Pistol. Almost as many ‘freebies’ came with it. Comes in a typical manufacturers hard case, along with 2 extra back strap options, 2 seventeen round magazines,  a cleaning kit, the ‘thumb saver’ loader again, and your paperwork.


My hands are kind of large (maybe bigger than Trump’s) so I swapped out the standard installed back strap in favor of the extended one that you see in the center of the case. . The weight is surprisingly light because of the mostly polymer construction, but it has a hefty barrel / slide weight which makes it comfortable to shoot and recover position for the next shot very quickly. Since the Px4 has a built in lower rail, I’ll very likely add a compact laser to it.

As Hickok45 demonstrated in his videos, these guns are ambidextrous in configuration and can be ‘flipped’ to suit a left handed shooter very easily. They are also accurate, easy to shoot, utterly dependable.

Because the Storm series is fairly fresh, the aftermarket hasn’t yet caught up with the higher capacity magazines that were available for the 92 series pistols and the earlier version carbine which shared up to 30 round magazines. But, Beretta has a nice deal for the 20 round magazines they do stock. Don’t know how much longer it will be in effect, but I ordered 2 twenty round Px4 magazines and got their custom retention holster with magazine holder attached for $18 off the retail price of $28 as a nice discount. Shipping was pretty quick, only about 3 business days to get here. The fitted holster is fully adjustable for the angle of draw you prefer and the magazine holder adjusts for retention tightness pretty well.

So, there you have it. An excellent pairing of carbine and sidearm, for that particular niche. I’ll get back later, after a few thousand rounds through each and do a part two posting.







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