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Crap sandwiches.

June 10, 2016

Well, it’s been a while since I got around to posting something on my page here, and it’s reluctantly about politics. Yeah, other things in life show up now and then. But sometimes that happens.

I’ll post this as an exercise in first amendment rights, if you will, before the first amendment, along with the far more important second amendment rights of Americans are radically changed and aborted by the probable outcome of this year’s political circus. I try to avoid politics on my blog here because such discussions inevitably devolve into the sewer that all politicians play in.

So, at this point, the ‘presumptive’ presidential candidates of both sides has supposedly been decided, by popular vote. Clinton for the democrats. Trump for the republicans.

To me the choices of president for the past 50 years of personally voting (since 1966) have generally been to choose between the lesser of two evils nearly every time. A couple times, of course, it was an easy choice between the typical democrat running against the typical republican. For the recent past elections and this time as well, it seems the cult of personality types have trounced all legitimate competition, all the really qualified candidates with experience and common sense, all sacrificed for the ‘novelty’ of somebody different.

History was made this time from many angles of view. The sheer number of republican contenders was overwhelming. The ‘establishment’ types, the same old runners from several previous attempts, and so forth. Then there was Trump. My, how different he was, right? From day one, a poo flinging, say whatever to whomever about any question or topic bombastic blowhard. But the people loved him. Or so it seems. In my opinion, Trump as a novelty item over the rather bland band of same old politicians (save one or two stars) got the attention of the ‘masses’ who viewed him as one of their own, as he says outrageous crap to the media, hitting several hot buttons that the average Joe might have said themselves. The mediocre mass of his competition was in itself a deterrent for many to even vote in the primaries. Trump’s wins against this mass divided against itself were not that impressive, although he did indeed win. But, you see, the telling evidence was that while Trump takes NV as his ‘biggest win’, for instance, with about 46% of the vote. Well, that was split with all the others still in the pot. In NO state in the entire run did Trump get any higher than that. Which means that in NO state would Trump have had the probable victory had the field not been so diluted. Even after all the others have dropped out and Trump is ‘unopposed’ he still pulled less than 50% of republican voters. One is led to think that perhaps this entire thing has been orchestrated behind the scenes.

So, here we are in mid-June, 2016, and we have the choices of Clinton or Trump. Assuming neither (or both) get indicted in federal court, her for the top secret email scandal, him for the Trump ‘university’ scam, we’ll have to choose in November. This is like a deli with a single item menu….crap sandwiches. The only options are the ‘bread’ that the crap is served on. On the democrat side it’s plain, stale white bread with fake minority sauce. On the republican side, it’s a NY sub bun dipped in vinegar.

I absolutely will not vote for Clinton, knowing what kind of disaster her leftist, one-world,  anti-gun rights agenda will do to the USA. So, if I can get mayo on the side, I’ll have to settle for a Trump crap sandwich, in hope that he may keep some of his ‘suggestions’ like the Mexican wall, and not revert back to his old democrat favoring, anti-gun self before his conversion to republican for power’s sake.

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