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AGAIN, the news reminds us why we should all be preppers…..

October 3, 2015

Well, it’s been a heck of a few days lately, ain’t it?

Yet another mass shooting at your liberal Utopian idea, a totally gun free zone of yet another college campus, and as usual before the blood is even dry on the floors, the left is calling for more gun control as they stand knee deep in bodies that show how well that works. A quote from the past goes something like ‘insanity is doing the same failed thing over and over, while expecting different results.’ Then the media comes out with pictures of the SURVIVORS being searched and patted down as they try to get away from the scene of carnage! You people with common sense out there….you need to have this BS removed from your state colleges as soon as possible, overthrowing this stupidity that endangers YOUR KIDS. If you want your kids to be safe while in college, check out this info: Guns on Campus’ Laws for Public Colleges and Universities 

In case you want to verify the validity of concealed carry on campus vs on site massacres, do a little research and see if any campus in those ‘red states’ has had a mass shooting, I suspect there are none.

Then we get to the weather. Another doosy of that pesky global warming thing, we have a hurricane in one corner and a very high pressure cell in the other…..and the entire east coast USA in the middle. Flash floods, storm surge tides and nasty weather for days on end as these two babies hyper accelerate bad weather between them. Are you ready for a couple weeks without power, not only from this storm system, but the winter that’s supposed to be worse than the last few with blizzards and snowfall? A source to get you ready, with customer feedback on every item: Surviving Urban Crisis supply store

The ‘economists’ have finally updated the REAL numbers of unemployed Americans….well over 94,000,000 US citizens are more or less permanently unemployed, more that 37% of the population.

Prepping is for all kinds of disasters, weather not the only thing, becoming unemployed is also a disaster on a personal level. If you have months of food and supplies, you may be able to scrape by, still making your house payment or rent by working however you can, if you have your expenses to a minimum already. Don’t be up to your eyeballs in credit card debt, car notes, furniture store credit on top of your mortgage. Pay cash for whatever you can, or at least be able to double down on payments you do have. Keep that car you bought for at least ten years, and save the money you would have spent on car note payments. Refer to ‘Consumer Reports’ magazine online to do research on dependable, long term transportation. They tell it like it is! I’ve been driving Toyota’s for decades and my current pickup since ’07 with only scheduled maintenance as the expense. If you want to cut transportation expense even further, get your Consumer Reports data in hand and shop the used vehicle sites. Find a ‘bargain’ and correlate it with your reliance data, check out the mileage and condition of your candidate and jump on a deal, and drive that one for 10 years!

And lastly, for today’s chat, there’s the colossal failure, yet again, of the idiot we have in the white house, weak and condescending to the muzlims and enemies of the USA. Russia, having NO fear of the USA with 0bama in charge, has been giving the universal single digit salute to us as a nation for months now, and has just started bombing the anti-Assad rebels that WE should have been helping far more than we did (if at all), since 0bama started destabilizing the middle east with his stupid policies. There’s no need to compare this idiot to other presidents, as the fool time and again shows his unique ideas are utter calamities. As the world careens towards yet another world war, worldwide economic collapse and other little things like that, I seriously advise you to get your stuff together and get ready for some rocky roads, folks.

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