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Shooting around a corner used to be ‘high tech’.

September 10, 2015

Hello, followers…

In the field of interesting battle hardware, the uber-fancy and hyper-expensive hardware the various military branches here and abroad have are pretty cool. So, I’ll briefly touch on a couple ideas they’ve had over the past 70 years or so.

Talking urban warfare, pretty much the standard fare for much of the world today. How to get the bad guys, not get killed if you can help it, and to achieve both goals most effectively. The YouTube channels are full of vids on the middle east and how they ‘do war’. You’ll see ’em all the time sticking their AK around a corner or over a berm of dirt, and dump a magazine of ammo blindly yonder ways. The bad guys could be down the road a block or so and only get hit by pure bad luck from that blind spray and pray technique.

See, the bad thing about trying to shoot around a corner is that you generally have to stick your head around it, put it out there so you can see what’s going on, spot the enemy and all that if you actually want to kill the other guys. You can get around that problem with a mirror on a stick, or a pocket sized periscope helps pick them out while minimizing getting your brains scattered down the block, should a good shot from that-a-way tags you before you pull your head back. So, you spot them with the mirror….but now you STILL have to stick your head and weapon around that corner and try and make a fast shot…which will be likely to miss because it is a fast shot, thrown up there a popped as fast as you can possibly do it. Now, if you could look around the corner and shoot at the same time….now you’re getting somewhere.

The Germans, back in WW2, came up with some wacky cutting edge ideas, now and then. Some lead to the rocket programs that eventually landed Americans on the moon. Others were just about laughable…unless you thought about it, like this idea, the Krummlauf barrel rifle….to shoot around corners.

Say whaaat??

Say whaaat??

It appears to be a removable attachment idea to bolt onto the end of their service weapon. Unfortunately, it has no way to be aimed around that corner, so it’s only a slight improvement in safety over just blindly sticking their rifle around the corner and spraying rounds down the street. No doubt those that were issued to troops rapidly were ‘lost’ in combat as useless extra weight.

So, now we time warp to this century, and we DO have weapons that will shoot around corners with some degree of accuracy and minimizes the risk to the operator. Want one? Well, save your pennies, one of these babies will set you back about $5,000US.



Gotta love it, right? Glock pistol based, with Aimpoint style sight for fast straight shooting and camera system to peer around the corner and plug the bad guys. Works looking left or right, of course. Being pistol caliber based, it’s for close in work, urban stuff like hostage situations, inside building clearing, that kind of thing.

Now, I came up with a primitive, home built idea for ‘around the corner shooting’ and put it in my book SURVIVING URBAN CRISIS 

which I’ll show again here. This works best with Aimpoint style sights, because you don’t have to worry about eye relief or parallax and so forth.

My around the corner idea.

My around the corner idea.

See, you just get a small piece of plastic mirror and glue it to the inside of a typical scope cover cap, the picture showing the idea. You cut the plastic mirror to a diameter that is smaller than the eyepiece lens tube of your scope or sight, so that the cover cap will still close. You’ll have to gimmick up a way to keep the cap at 45° to the line of sight with your rifle sight for it to work. I’ve tried it out, of course, and it’s a workable idea, but like anything using a skill, you’ll have to practice with it. Get the type caps that can rotate, so you can use it from the other side as well.

And like most of my ideas, somebody always beats me to the market and makes millions off ‘my idea’. So, enters  the market, ‘poor mans’ around the corner aiming device, for a reasonable amount of money, does what my idea does, only better. Again. :-p



It’s superior to my mirror in the cap idea in all kinds of ways, but my excuse was working with what’s ‘at hand’ to solve a problem. If this gadget peaks your interest, you can get an ANGLE SIGHT HERE.   Click the blue text link. It uses a pivoting prism that you can see through for straight on shooting, but is reflective from the side for those around the corner shots. The unit pivots, allowing you to shoot from any angle the side of the cube is visible, which means dang near everywhere but from underneath the weapon. About 180° of usability. However, as I pointed out in my book, there’s a caution about using these around the corner devices. Look at this guy, below, using a short barrel AR ‘pistol’ with one of these angle sights mounted to it, as he’s looking around a corner on his left side. Now, guess what happens when he pulls the trigger.

Here comes a poke in the eye.

Here comes a poke in the eye.

Think about it…..where’s that brass casing gonna go? You have to get up close to use this device, and from holding like that, he’s gonna get a chunk of brass right in the teeth or in an eye (he’s also not wearing his field expedient eye protection). Since this .223 case will typically fly 10 or 15 feet when ejected, that might leave a mark, for sure in an eyeball. So, the thing to do is rotate the weapon handles away from you so that the ejector port is facing downwards so that spent case might hit your chest rig instead of your teeth. The sight works the same no matter the position you’re viewing it, just rotate it to where it’s needed. Same problem with any other semi-auto weapon used with these gadgets, so they must be positioned similarly. I suspect the $5000, camera equipped job will do exactly the same thing, a spent case right in the teeth going around a left side corner, if you were a left handed shooter. But he’s also demonstrating the proper amount of weapon to hang out around that corner, just about only the barrel and your knuckles as you hold the weapon, making it hard to be seen by the bad guys and harder to hit because of such a small target. But don’t hang around there for any length of time, most rifle rounds will knock off a chunk of wall pretty easily, so fire and move elsewhere, or just observe if that’s your objective.

So there you have it, fellow urban cowboys, an affordable gadget that will put you up there (closer, anyway) with that fancy Israeli corner camera gun for seriously nasty situations, shooting around corners, over walls, through holes in a wall….lots of places you wouldn’t want to hang your head out for.

Be safe, be aware, be prepared.

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