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Wild Edible Plants: Dandelion

June 2, 2015

Wild Edible Plants: Dandelion. A video (one of many) by Dan Corcoran 

Hmm. All those wasted salads I’ve mowed down…What a shame! I suggest you check out Dan’s site and his free videos on wild foods.

Wild Edible Plants: Dandelion

No, really, part of our survival skills should absolutely have gathering wild foods as one the best to keep us alive. The average American would starve to death with wild food all around them.  And short of having a live instructor to show us what is food vs. what is poison, excellent reference books and video productions like Dan’s are out there with details, recipes and advise.

We have here excellent guides to harvesting mushrooms and with close examination of the specimen and a top rated book, one can be reasonably certain that what you’ve positively identified is safe to eat. Preferably, of course, is to have an expert show you first hand, in person so you can see it’s environment, dig it up, pry it loose, smell it, touch it, and be sure with what’s what with what you got, toss it or toast it, broil it or bake it.

Wild food is around us even in cities, so sharpen up, spot ’em and stay alive.

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