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The utter lack of interest in the security of the United States by the current administration.

September 14, 2014

Well, compared to the rest of my postings, the ‘political’ department is less occupied with postings, because although I do closely follow the political ineptitude of Washington, DC, I feel it’s kind of redundant to rehash what anyone interested in the base subject of this blog page should already know. But sometimes, you know, you just have to say something.

The news, as always, is full of terrorists, economic shakiness, energy concerns, ‘global warming’, fanning the racial divide, all that usual stuff. But, the thing that keeps poking me is the undeniably obvious fact that this bunch of morons in DC has willingly, deliberately and directly caused the southern border, and the northern as well, I suspect, to become a joke, a parody of ‘security’, and a serious endangerment to the lives of millions of Americans through the unrestrained, for any practical purpose, free passage of millions of illegals to cross the border at will. This administration continues to trash the Constitution and rule of law, or any respect for it, is derelict of duty and responsibility and oath of office for the potential political gain of said illegals becoming democrat voters through his acts of unilaterally granting amnesty to them. That aside, along with this massive flow of potential future democrat party voters, are hundreds of thousands of people from every country on the planet. And among those have been thousands from nations and areas of the world that are openly hostile and at war against America. These are the illegals that concern me most. For the information of any liberal who happened to stumble onto this blog and this particular posting, I am NOT anti-immigrant. Anyone wishing to become an American citizen, done the LEGAL way is as welcome as any natural born citizen in my book.

This lack of concern, no actually more than likely a deliberate act of sabotage, for this border situation, lays the belly of this nation and millions of citizens bare for the gutting of our infrastructure, particularly the power grid. Our rail transportation network, like everything else is old and outdated in many ways. Out petroleum pipelines, expressway systems, air traffic control… much stuff that could cause major disruption of life and mobility of goods and people. But the grid, that is the most delicate of all systems that could endanger the most citizens. All intertwined, but supposedly ‘independent’, sections that have no security at power plants or major substations whatsoever.  While you drive around America, you’ve seen those large, fenced in sub stations, without a soul around. Perhaps you may remember some time back when there was a ‘vandalism attack’ on a California large sub-station? They put down this massive sub-station with a mere hunting rifle, shooting holes into the transformers, letting the toxic cooling oils leak out to overheat and shut down the units. They rerouted the power around this damaged station, so power was available to the citizens….but it took almost a month to repair. Now, the terrorists, domestic, izlamic <(that’s deliberate) or otherwise are out there formulating a plan based on this successful venture. Power plants themselves are larger, have people around (unarmed, I’ll wager) but a squad of terrorists could deal with it pretty easily, and get away clean before any cops arrive. Or maybe they’ll do a suicide kind of thing that muzlims <(again, deliberate) are so fond of, and just hang out for the resulting battle with the authorities for the ‘glory of alla’ and more damage to the power plant while that goes on. That kind of damage could take years to repair, meanwhile the thing is totally out of commission or crippled so badly that it’s hardly of any use to the citizens energy needs.  Now, imagine that a coordinated attack on say, a dozen sub stations and / or one or two major power stations. Do you not think this would seriously jeopardize millions of American lives? A ‘dirty bomb’ in downtown NYC would be pretty nasty, killing who knows how many thousands and be an uninhabitable spot for the next century. But the grid, I think, is a much easier target and would do far greater harm to a vastly larger area. Avoiding NYC is bad enough damage, but if the entire state of NY was blacked out for months, in the middle of winter, what would that do to the people directly effected, and the national economy? And what part of society doesn’t require the grid to work?

When (or IF) the ‘authorities’ are grilled about this lack of security, they bluster and huff, and spout their usual lies or half truths at best, assuring (lying to) America that it’s ‘all under control’ or ‘we are addressing the issue’.

My readers, you folks are far more aware of the world around you than the average smart phone addict, by far. That kind of awareness is why we’re preppers. Nonetheless, I say that we all need to double down on preps, form our groups or expand them, and get ready for some frisky business that may likely happen before the next presidential election….if we have one.

I’m hand loading ammunition every weekend, and adding goods to the store room regularly, as soon as I can split off the money from the bills to pay.

An item I have put in my prepping inventory, $15 off with ‘free shipping’, is the Auagason Farms Emergency food pail, 30 days, 1 person. I intend to add more of these as quickly as possible. From BJ’s Cub online, I don’t have any idea how long that price will be there. I don’t get a dime for recommending this product and I put it here as something I personally have in my own stuff. Food, Fire and Water all in the same bucket, so it fits my personal preference of maximum versatility survival gear or supplies.  You can of course build your own survival buckets, but this BJ item gets you there much quicker than a DIY project.

To paraphrase a certain beer commercial….keep prepping, my friends. It may save your life.

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  1. Seth Tyrssen permalink

    Your political commentary is absolutely correct. One solution to the immigration crisis was founded in Finland, and now the “Soldiers Of Odin” are everywhere. There’s a Soldiers of Odin USA page on Fluffbook. Er, Facebook.

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