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A quick draw rifle sling idea.

March 16, 2014

OK, the latest addition to my firearms and self defense column. Here we have a link to a “quick draw sling trick” video

He’s demonstrating the method with an AK-47, but that’s irrelevant to the idea I’m showing you today. This will work with any kind of rifle or shotgun with the standard kind of sling that such weapons are normally equipped with.

Since the technique is for speed and is done ‘at speed’, it’s a little hard to see the complete steps, so I’ve frame captured the movements down into about 5 steps, starting with just the ‘ready’ position.

ak quick draw 1As you see here, the guy has the weapon hanging off his ‘strong shoulder’, or basically the side he intends to shoot from. Hanging butt down, with the magazine kind of under the arm. This technique will work with right AND left handed shooters, all you do is ‘reverse’ it for left handed folks, hanging on your left shoulder.

ak quick draw 2To begin the movements, he grabs the stock below the trigger grip and begins to swing the butt up towards ‘horizontal’, doing a kind of spinning motion.

ak quick draw 3As the butt is swung up towards his shoulder, the support hand meets the forestock (here he is also partially gripping the magazine for additional control as the rifle pivots into final position) and continues the lifting up, while the right hand lets go and then grabs the stock again at the hand grip.

ak quick draw 4The right hand is then in the proper position to being firing.

ak quick draw 5This guy can do this move in just over one second, but I suspect he may practice some! If you try this, do it with an UNLOADED WEAPON until you get the hang of it so you’re not grabbing the trigger and shooting yourself in the foot. Go nice and slow until you can do every motion perfectly. Remember, slow is smooth, smooth is fast after you get the motions down.

AK-47 tactical reloading drill

Right to left transition drill

A brief clip from a training DVD, Paladin Press, KALASHNIKOV RIFLE GUNFIGHTING -“Too Simple to Be Tactical” – with Gabriel Suarez. Click his name if you may be interested in a copy. I have this DVD in my personal instructional gunfighting video library. The price has gone up since I bought mine a couple years ago.

Other comments about rifle slings.     The idea is, find what works best for YOU and your weapon.

Do I favor AK-47s? Well, I have one, because it was more affordable than an AR. And I’ve seen very few other weapons that you could do THIS to. (Also points out how magazine type / quality affects operations.)

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