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A little bit of firearms training.

August 10, 2013

This post will cover a pretty well done ‘combat’ arms training video for those out there that are curious about the good old AK-47 used as a simple combat weapon.

The AK-47 was first adopted in 1949 by the Sov...

The AK-47 was first adopted in 1949 by the Soviet Army. It fires the 7.62x39mm M43 round. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yeah, I can hear you AR-15 diehards moaning already. We’ll get to your ‘side’ in another post. Available in DVD format, Kalashnikov Rifle Gunfightingby Gabe Suarez, gives you some great tips, techniques and explanations on using this battle tested weapon. I’ll give you fair notice however, that the price on this DVD has SKYROCKETED since I bought my edition a couple years ago. So, if you can borrow a copy, rent it, find it used, by all means go for it. It appears, just like a vast range of self defense items, weapons, etc, the current administration’s anti-gun rights agenda has jacked up the price here as well.

Gabe gives you the complete package, showing many options to equip your weapon to fit your personal needs or situation. He shows many techniques of firing the weapon in unusual positions (like on the cover shot, above), how to field strip and clean the weapon. About 90 minutes of solid instruction, you’ll become familiar with the AK, even if you have never held one. It may help you decide that the AK would be your choice for a personal survival / battle rifle. Pricey as the DVD is, it’s way cheaper than finding and hiring private or even ‘group rate’ instruction from a professional level gunfighter. Study these techniques and apply them at ranges (or private land) where they will permit this style, and you’ll be ahead of the game when the SHTF. (PS: If you blow your foot off, while trying any style of shooting covered by Gabe, such as the interesting pose above, DON’T BLAME ME! We’re dealing with weapons here, your safety is YOUR responsibility!)
I personally use and reccomend the AK, and it’s older brother the SKS, both sharing the same ammo. I view it as a good practice to have multiple weapons that use the same ammo. At the time I bought these, they were dirt cheap and available all over the place, ammo was about ten cents per round. Now, of course, those prices are LONG gone, but now the current crush of ammo shortage and firearm demands for sales is easing a bit and you can find new AK’s for $600 US or less and 640 rounds of ‘spam can’ Russian ammo for around $240US.
                                                           7.62x39 TulAmmo FMJ 122 Grain 640 Round  Spam Can 2396 fps Russian Steel Cased Polymer Coated
This ‘spam can’ ammo is the same stuff the Russians feed to their troops, wartime ammo stored in vapor proof sturdy airtight cans for long term survival storage, if you wish. Or, break open the can for a weekend at the range. Just don’t misplace that can opener!
Speaking of ‘ammo sharing’, Ruger makes a bolt action, compact, accurate rifle that uses the 7.62 x 39 cartridge, the Ruger model 77 ‘Hawkeye’. 
You will need a scope for it, but the rifle comes prepped for easy mounting. Ruger seems to make this platform in every caliber of ammo on the planet.
AK’s, like everything else, have a range of ‘quality’ from good stuff down to junk. The chatter in the gun forums rate Bulgarian, (milled receiver preferably) manufacturers as ‘best’. After that on your list, look for Hungarian, Romanian, Russian, German (Austrian), and Egyptian in that order. The more ‘3rd world’ the country of origin, the junkier the product. Mine is Romanian, and is a fine unit. ak 1
The scope mount, scope, dual magazine bracket and flashlight mount are all useful add-on’s that can be found on line or at well equipped gun shops. No, the scope is ‘not’ for hunting, but to extend the accuracy of the rifle out to it’s maximum range. The aim better, miss less, kind of idea.
There are several US AK manufacturers  or assemblers out there. By all means, search these out if you wish.
As nice a weapon platform as the AR-15 is (a child can fire and control it) , could you dump the works full of sand and expect it to function? By the way, this is not a recommended practice, even for an AK-47! I’ve seen ‘dust tests’ on both, both can jam, but I’ve never seen an AR function well after ‘that’ level of abuse. Remember, the AK was designed to be functionally ‘fool proof’ and to be maintained by people (peasants) who were allowed very few personal firearms and knew little nothing of their workings, conscripted right off the farm by the Russian government (like ours may do again, someday), while being dragged through the worst environments on the planet and to fulfill it’s purpose every time the trigger is pulled.
Both weapons are good battle rifles, built on opposite sides of the world. Go with what you can afford, both will put the bad guys down.

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