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Want privacy? Get a time machine…..

July 5, 2013

Privacy? You want privacy in your life? You’ll have to get a time machine and go back at least 50 or 60 years, because your 4th amendment rights do not exist today.

Privacy. Now, there’s a forgotten, ancient concept. An illusion in the world today. Privacy? You ain’t got no steekin, privacy, man!  If you think you have privacy today, surprise! The fedz just read and recorded every keystroke I’ve typed, and monitored you reading it.  And they are particularly interested in the activities of us weird people labeled ‘preppers’ (terrorist cover code-word, per our illustrious government), TEA party members, conservative groups, veterans, Christians and similar ‘fanatics’ and our online purchases, emails, chat room banter and all other details they can associate out there in the massive Utah Data Center.

Encrypted messages safe? Not so much, pal. That data center may break 256k encryption very soon.

The only people in the last few years who have actually had a reasonable expectation of private conversation are those who were either miles out in the boonies on a mountain top if you didn’t take your smart phone out there or using Get Smart’s ‘cone of silence’ if you’re anywhere in a city. And even if you left the phone in your truck, out there in the boonies, they can track where you parked your truck, so they have that on record at least. As far as communication using any of modern societies tools, nothing but the contents of paper mail (as far as we know) is reasonably private.

With our socialist dictator wanna-be leaders kingdom unraveling around them, we’re not just finding out about this kind of game, but merely being reminded that it exists. With the majority of the low information voters being clueless morons, this kind of secret monitoring activity is easily accomplished, as these clueless people wander through their daily lives with their world centered around the next text message they need to reply to…..while driving. But now, with the ‘media’ finally starting to pick up on the job they were supposed to be doing for the last 5 to 20 years, the shocking revelations finally get some attention.

The IRS ‘scandal’. Really? The IRS has been a power tool of certain presidents for decades, again we are only reminded of it’s existence and use by the current gangster government. Not only using it, but doubling down against his political opposition at the citizen level.

The TSA conditions millions of travelers per week to being gonad groped by government goons in the name of ‘national security’. So, one can’t travel on airplanes with the privacy of one’s own genitals not being disturbed. Do we really think that collecting fingernail clippers from passengers is really going to ‘keep us safe’ as we travel? Doesn’t it seem that the more insidious purpose may be getting citizens used to the idea that the fedz can do anything it damn well pleases to the population in the name of  ‘security’? First it was airports, then stadiums, soon shopping malls, random roadblocks. Will it end with transparent clothing to satisfy our desperation for ‘safety’? I can see where the fedz would decree that all street lamps and other poles would have to be wrapped with foam rubber to keep horny males from injury as they gawk at views previously never seen and smacking into those poles, with that ruling in place.

Electronic spying, easily accomplished for years. The only problem was storing all that data, now accomplished with the above mentioned data center which has the storage space for that and the computing power to finally break 256 bit encryption. Back in the day when this encryption method was conceived, it was figured that networking every computer in the nation at that time would still take around 100 years or more to break it. Not so with this monster.

Then there’s the little blurb today about the USPS taking pictures of the front and back of every piece of mail they handle. AND your picture every time you use a stamp machine kiosk. Is part of the USPS budget woes due to the costs and maintenance of such high tech gear? Just think of the added handling costs of routing every piece of mail thru these machines. It’s a wonder that postage isn’t $2 an ounce.

Speaking of pictures, every major city has and is adding to it’s  ‘security cameras’ watching every move you make on the streets, private companies working inside stores and buildings watching you walk around inside WalMart. You can see most of them, if you’re not texting somebody long enough to look around. Sometimes they help solve things like the Boston bombings, but they almost never prevent any crime. These cameras are even all over the roads, like at many expressway intersections and off ramps. Look around at those tall posts out there. See the little camera way up there? That’s to monitor ‘traffic’, right? Oh, I’m just a little paranoid here, am I? Sure that’s a plausible excuse in urban, congested traffic. But how bout out in the middle of nowhere in central Georgia at some average looking off ramps near some middling sized town? Where’s their massive traffic problem? Oh, those cameras are way up on them poles, they can’t see my face through the windshield as I stare up at the camera as I drive by! If they were zoomed in, they did just that. And if nothing else, there goes your car color, make and model and tag number.

Oh, and that smart phone comment above? You think it takes sophisticated, super secret spyware from the fedz to break into your smart phone and do stuff? Nope, YOU can do that kind of ‘spying’ yourself with available smart phone spy software. So it appears that having the latest, expensive ‘smart phone’ ain’t really so smart, eh?

Ok, that’s a short list of crap the government has little or no business doing in our private lives. How about something they should be doing? Like border security?    What kind of stupidity is behind our complete lack of border security? I’ll let you find that out for yourselves.

  1. Great rant and not just sprinkled with truth but doused in it. 1984. Hope and Change, right? here it comes and not probably what most people were thinking hope and change stood for.

  2. We knew that the technology was there. We knew that the law might allow it. As we stood under a security camera at a street corner, connected with friends online or talked on a smart phone equipped with GPS, we knew, too, it was conceivable that we might be monitored.

  3. Fleendar the Magnificent permalink

    Great article and pretty much spot-on concerning today’s society and the erasure of our civil liberties and rights. Today’s technology is a blessing and also, a curse. With the massive internet connectivity that this tech gives us, especially wireless, it also gives others the ability to track and monitor us.
    The technological and digital age erased the 4th amendment completely.

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