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The ‘Waxmeister’ tool.

May 6, 2013

What the heck is a ‘Waxmeister’ you say? Well, I’m glad you asked.

This happens to be a most elegant and excellent tool one can use for the lubrication process of your own ‘home grown’ cast bullets. I will give you pictures and links below.  First, the basic info.

We that cast our own ammo from recycled lead sources must lubricate the bullets before they’re assembled into ammunition, otherwise the barrels of our weapons would become fouled with lead residue through the heat and pressure generated when the weapon is fired. The design of the barrel of all weapons allows tiny amounts of super hot gases and immense pressure to leak by the bullet in a controlled manner as the bullet travels down the barrel. The lubrication we apply to the bullet helps prevent this process from causing lots of deposits inside our weapons.

Bullet lube styles are generally in two forms of design. One, shown here, is of the micro groove type from Lee precision molds Lee precision micro groove bulletas indicated by its numerous small grooves. This type bullet is meant to be ‘tumble lubed’  where the entire bullet is coated with the lubricant material.  Many shooters consider this to be the best way to lube bullets, because the entire thing is covered with it. The main complaint is that the bullets are ‘sticky’, especially if too much lube is applied.

The other flavor is the standard type grease groove bullet Lee precision standard lube groove which as you can see has only a couple of very wide and deep grooves, which is where the lubricant is applied. This type must either be run through the lubrisizer machine or lubed in the pan.

Many casters use a technique called ‘pan lubing‘ which gets the job done for far less than one would have to spend to buy a combined lubricating and sizing machine. The fancy ‘lubrizier‘ machine does a mighty fine job of the process of it, but will cost several hundred dollars to obtain and will require special components for every caliber you may reload to ‘size’ and lube that particular caliber. The Midway video doesn’t get into the detail of just how messy pan lubing can be as the bullets are handled, sized and loaded into ammunition. The Waxmeister  tool does the trick. As you see in the video, the clever gadget fits with precision around the bullets after the waxy lubricant has hardened. You may also notice that this is machined from aluminum rod and is set up beautifully to do it’s job. Personally, as a not half bad inventor and amateur machinist, I was impressed with the quality and the idea behind the invention.  The ‘cutter’ is a recycled and properly sized once fired rifle casing of the closest diameter of your ammo and then formed to be exactly the correct size. Most common calibers are ready to go from the nice guy at Waxmeister, as of this posting he informs me that most are ready to ship in a few days after the order is placed. As the tool is pressed over the bullet, it is shaved very closely with the device, and plucked out of the lubricant and ejected with a press from your thumb. Now, you have a nicely lubricated bullet ready to be sized, if you didn’t do that already, and loaded into ammunition. Personally, I wipe off the base of all my bullets, no matter how I lube them. Just picky, I guess.

The tool, assembled with a couple bullets OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Disassembled, showing the recycled rifle ammo casing now configured to shave the pan lubed bullet OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I wrote the .360 on there, because I have more than one size bullet to work with.

Here we have a before, left, and after, right, .357 magnum hollow point bullets pan lubed and trimmed out with the Waxmeister. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Here’s the link to buy your own Waxmeister tool.  Be a little patient, this is a two person operation, they are dedicated to a quality product, but reality and market conditions for their supplies of once fired rifle brass they use in production can cause some delay in receiving the tool. If you haven’t noticed, the market for ALL things related to self defense, shooting and weapons is just plain crazy. From factory loaded ammunition to any and all components for loading your own are hard to find. So, be patient if there is some delay, you will be rewarded with a fine tool to add to your reloading equipment.

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  1. have no idea how to reload ammo yet but this makes me want to learn a bit about it. Perhaps you could blog a little about that process. Great post here. Even sourcing the lead would be a neat little addendum. Thanks Silas for the information!

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