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How to videos on Making 60 lb bow

December 31, 2012

Hello everyone.

We must have a variety of skills to make it in a post SHTF world. We ourselves or at least the members of our group must be able to fabricate many items from ‘junk’ or common materials available. My work keeps me sharp in the inventing and fabrication of devices, but that doesn’t make me the ‘expert’ on everything. So, when browsing the web, I’m constantly on the lookout for information from other people on hand made useful items. Today, I’m submitting for your entertainment and educational enjoyment three videos on hand making bows that may be very useful for hunting / defense someday.

The first guy makes his bow from PVC pipe. Takes a bit of hand work, but after all, it’s ‘hand made’, right?
make a PVC bow for less than $10

This second guy also uses PVC, but only a single piece and a wooden dowel, some paracord for the string. His bow clocks about 130 feet per second for his arrow speed which is not too shabby for home-made.   Single PVC pipe bow, paracord string.

The third sample shows making a bow and an arrow from found saplings in the woods. Notice the dude is wearing gloves while he works on the project. This is exactly the thing to do when working in survival mode, as I point out in my book, Surviving Urban Crisis You can’t risk injury in a bug out situation, so gloves are mandatory in your bug out bag. His arrow isn’t very stable because there’s no ‘fletching’ or feathers on the tail to stabilize it.

Very primitive bow and arrow made in the woods.

Just for a freebie, here’s a guide from the preppers network site I hang out on, for figuring out how to set your family up with a year’s supply of food. the-52-week-food-storage-plan-made-simple.

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