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Foraging for herbal medicines.

December 28, 2012

Well, as 2012 fades away, it’s a good season to forage for a useful plant for the survivalist herbal medicine cabinet. The one we’ll chase today is ‘Wintergreen‘, a great substitute for aspirin since the plant has the material that aspirin is derived from. And this, among hundreds of other plants will be very handy for the SHTF scenario.Wintergreen

Here’s a link to a pretty good video by a guy who seems to know his plants. He even takes a ‘dose’ at the end.!   

He refers to a useful book during the video, which I have available in the Survival Supply Store.   A Field Guide to Medicinal Plants

The book is quite detailed as we see in the video, with plenty of information about the locations it grows, clear color pictures, uses, warnings. I would get one on one instruction before venturing into the herbal wilderness if you’re not confident that you’re dealing with what you think you’re dealing with when you deal with wild herbs.

You probably noticed the warning in the book about using ‘essential oils‘ of this plant. Well, what they mean is this oil is a highly distilled or concentrated essence of the plant, which has a process to obtain.   Distilling essential oils from herbs.

If a total societal crash takes place, do it yourself medicines may be all we have in many cases.

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