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Have a Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2012

I’m sure all my readers will agree this Christmas eve that this ol’ world can certainly use some Christmas cheer!

Could we have imagined, as children, that evil people in the world would have such hatred towards Christianity, such determination to do away with all things Christian and decent? Everywhere we ‘dare’ express our Christian view or morals, we find ourselves under attack from the leftist camp of godless perverts, fornicators, atheists and such low-life who openly oppose any reference to God in their political party. When we were kids at Christmas time, there would be manger scenes all over the place, the 10 commandments were in every courthouse and the overall morals of the nation were vastly higher.

It’s my humble opinion that the ’cause’ of today’s lack of morals could be attributed to us Christians with our lack of involvement in government, politics and all things dealing with interaction with the government. In the good ol’ days, pastors and priests were the center of the local community and they were unafraid to ‘tell it like it is’ with politicians and other evil doers. Today, politics in the pulpit doesn’t happen. The church is afraid of retaliation of the IRS for daring to speak truth of or oppose policies of the tyrants in government. They seem unaware that this is an empty threat, we are protected under the 1st amendment from such tyranny….at the moment.

Stand fast my friends, be ready for the coming battles for everything we hold dear, from being Christians to bearing arms for self defense, government domination will continue unchecked, crushing all citizens in it’s path who dare oppose the machine. Or at least that’s what they would have us think.

I for one will have my peace and joy at Christmas. The government will NOT take that away from me.

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