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The Conneticut school shooting

December 15, 2012

We have now had yet another mass shooting, this time killing 20 little kids. This is terrible, saddening, tragic. The entire city will be coping with this for decades. I am enraged, depressed and yet again amazed at the depths of human cruelty and depravity.

What makes this even more tragic is the fact that this mass shooting, like every other mass shooting you can think of, was carried out at a ‘gun free killing zone’, established by our anti-gun rights democratic politicians. These areas, the schools, college campuses, many public buildings, are all prohibiting the citizen the right to self defense. Mass murder is the unintended consequence of laws ‘to keep the children safe from guns’. So, due to that law of enforced defenselessness in these areas where we have hundreds of helpless victims, crazed killers can, with supreme confidence that they will not meet opposition, just walk right in and kill as many innocents as they care to, until they run out of ammunition, have a weapon malfunction or get killed by the cops when they finally show up. These mass killings will continue, unfortunately, until the law allows responsible, licensed adults who care to have a self defense weapon to carry it with them at all times. Just look at these events, like this killing. Had one or two teachers had weapons with the skills required been there, how many little kids would still be alive if they had stopped the killer with a head shot? How about at the Batman movie theater shooting? Columbine?

Armed students stopped a campus gunman in 2002

We see the anti-gun rights crowd begin to use this tragedy the very day it happened, as they shamelessly always do, to push their anti-gun agenda. Cries for ‘gun bans’, more laws (as if the thousands of laws on the books really do anything for crimes being committed), more ‘gun free zones’, cravenly playing the emotions of the people as these tragedies they themselves have caused occur again and again. All of these laws, passed by the emotion of the moment, only endanger the law abiding citizen and free the criminal from harm while they commit their crimes. If the fools think that they could take every law abiding citizen’s guns to ‘cure’ the mass shootings (even if citizens would turn in their weapons, which won’t happen), they are hugely mistaken. Just look at the crime rates of Britain and other countries that have disarmed their law abiding citizens…..ALL violent crime numbers are double and triple the records while citizens had the right to self defense.

Does it seem coarse or hardhearted (crazy?) to suggest that more guns should be available after such insanity fell on this community? No, by far it’s more compassionate towards the families of this shooting and those of shootings to come, to have more law abiding citizens armed to prevent more tragedies of this kind from happening. It’s either this or have a cop in every hallway of every school and college in the nation, which we know will never happen just from the staggering costs to taxpayers to pay the 100,000 cops.



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