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Making a funnel and a drinking glass from a beer bottle.

November 29, 2012

OK, time to get creative with found junk again.

This time I’m showing you a trick to ‘recycle’ a beer bottle, or similar bottle, into a useful funnel and a drinking glass. This is a really old technique I found in an article from 1913.

You will need to be outdoors where you can control some small fire, a fair sized bucket or pan full of water, safety glasses, gloves and some sandpaper.

Take your bottle and tie a kerosene soaked string around it at about where the neck has flared out to the full diameter of the bottle. Light the string and let the bottle get hot for 2 0r 3 minutes. Now, grab the bottle by the BODY or BASE and plunge completely into the pan or bucket of water. If the project went well, you’ll probably have heard a ‘tick’ or cracking sound as the bottle went under water. Exactly what we wanted. After the bottle cools down a bit, while wearing the gloves and safety glasses, tap the neck of the bottle gently on the cement floor or driveway or lightly with a small hammer, and it should separate at the burn line. Assuming that it did, you now have a ‘funnel’ and a ‘drinking glass’. Dress down the sharp edges with the sandpaper so you can handle your funnel and drink from your glass without getting cut. You can also use the neck for a candle holder, the shorter height being slightly more stable than a candle stuck in the regular bottle.

Well, there you are, on your way to a full set of Bud Lite glasses for you next dinner party! Yeah, I can see your wife letting you pull that one!

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