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True FireStash Keyring Lighter

November 17, 2012

Hi, Folks.

Today it’s another personally tested bit of useful gear. The True FireStash Keyring Lighter. It’s a tough little guy made of a durable aluminum capsule about 1-3/4″ long, weighing less than an ounce, with a key ring attachment. Has a rubber seal where the cap screws into the body to slow down fuel evaporation and provide some waterproofing. Since making fire is crucial to survive, no matter what the season, this is indeed useful gear.

This little guy is ‘old school’ in that it uses lighter fluid, like an old Zippo lighter, and a spark wheel to ignite the flame. A simple matter to ‘recharge’ the fuel supply, just grab it by the spark wheel and pull. The inner cartridge slides out of the outer tube and you just squirt your lighter fluid into the cotton storage material inside. The fuel charge does slowly evaporate, like all lighters of this technology allow, but seems to last 2 or 3 weeks before needing another squirt of fuel. When properly fueled up, lights with just a couple flicks of the spark wheel. I did have to make one tiny adjustment, pulling the wick up about 1/16″, which made it light off much easier. However with no wind guard for the little guy, the flame is very susceptible to being blown out by the slightest wind. So, we have to guard the flame, just like a match, when getting the campfire going.

I keep one of these handy mini-lighters attached to my ‘backup’ Swiss Army knife and have had it for over a year. My Swiss Army knife is ‘backup’ in that I usually carry a Leatherman style multi-tool on my belt, unless I’m going to church.  But the Swiss is always with me no matter where I go.



Redundancy and ‘backups’ are crucial for surviving. So, in my situation, we have the little True lighter attached to the Swiss Army. Backup to the True is good old waterproof matches in a pocket of every coat I own. And backup to that backup is a Firesteel spark maker in the bug out bag. I’ll discuss that marvelous sparking tool and the Leatherman multi-tool later on in a follow up article.


Links to purchase, if you’re interested.

True Keyring lighter

Swiss Army knife

Leatherman tool

FireSteel spark tool


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