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Tested Gear: German 4 Piece Stainless Steel Eating Utensils

July 16, 2012

Looking for the most bang for the buck is the basis for most survival gear choices. So, just for the heck of it, since the price was very reasonable, I gave this set a try. Made by Bundeswehr Cutlery of Hamburg, Germany, army surplus.


The usual basics here, knife, fork, spoon and can and bottle opener thrown in. The set locks together in a nested position as you see in the center picture, using the can opener handle for the storage tube. Being made for the German army use, it’s pretty rugged. Not as light as plastic (too delicate for BOB gear anyway) nor the fancy titanium ‘sporks’ (more expensive) at 7 ounces for the set, but beats their versatility for most comparable sets. The spoon is huge, great for eating soup or stew or stirring the cooking pot or skillet. The knife and fork of regular ‘dinner table’ size. And the real handle on the can & bottle opener gives you great leverage, making that chore a lot easier. The knife came with a serrated blade end, but didn’t seem that sharp, so the edge was brought up to par with my Lansky sharpening set. We’ll discuss that kit on another day. Also put a slightly better edge on the cutting edge of the can opener and it’s tip using a fine, small rat tail (round) file.

Check it out if you wish:  German 4 Piece Stainless Steel Eating Utensil

 A video of German fellow demonstrating the kit.


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  1. Marek permalink

    This can opener looks weird. What is the proper way of using it? Vertically or horizontally? I’m asking because recently have watched video about Victorinox factory and the first SAK had similar can opener, I think, and that can opener cut can on the side – horizontally.

    • For this particular opener, you hold the point next to the rim of the can, vertically, then pierce it into the can by bumping with your other hand (can must / should be on a firm, rather flat surface for this to work best). Once the point is into the can, you ‘walk’ the opener around the rim by lifting up the handle as the tool grips the rim of the can, which forces the blade thru the metal of the can end. You just ‘walk’ all the way around the can. Works well. I sharpened up the knife blade some, so that it’s easy to cut meat or peel fruit with it.

      • Marek permalink

        Thank you for fast reply. Here is that video:

        It’s in 23rd minute and 13th second of it. It look almost like it. I’ve opened can once with this can opener the way you described.

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