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Coke© bottle oil lamp.

July 14, 2012


Recycling an empty Coke© bottle into an oil lamp is an easy process. When drinking your Coke©, just be slightly more careful when opening the bottle, trying to avoid bending the cap excessively. After you’ve finished that fizzy gem, you now have a useable glass oil lamp.  Find yourself some thick, new candle wick, or some other cotton string. Nylon or any other synthetic WON’T work. Carefully punch or drill a hole from the inside of the cap. After this part, take a small bolt and hammer, carefully flatten the center of the cap, from the inside, where the opener bent it up. This will help keep the cap in place acting as your lamp. This drilled or punched hole must be sized so that the wick will be held in place by the cap. If the hole is the right size, you will have to push the wick through the hole with a toothpick or other small tool so that you can grab it and pull an inch or so through the cap. Also, if correctly sized, the wick will be held in place.

After you get the wick into the cap, cut the length to leave 2 or 3 inches lying on the bottom of the bottle. Fill with lamp oil, olive oil, peanut oil, whatever oil you may have handy. Secure the cap back on. Hopefully, it snaps back on pretty well. If not, crimp it lightly with slip joint pliers. Now, trim the wick coming out the top so that only about ¼ inch or so is available to burn. Let the wick soak up plenty of the oil through the cap into the burning zone. OK, you’re all set for light tonight.

OK, now for the ridiculous ‘legal requirements’ to warn you (where did common sense go in our society?) about using open flames like this or candles in your home. Didja know if they fall over while lit or placed beneath something flammable like a wooden shelf, they might start a fire? Stunning news, huh. So, if you make one of these and use it, actually lit, be aware of common sense responsibility of using a naked flame to produce light. So, in other words, use at your own risk.  Or break out the marshmallows.


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